Lindt Excellence Unveils Enticing Edible Chocolate Teapot

Bringing together two of the nation’s favourites the fully edible chocolate teapot created by Lindt EXCELLENCE provides the ultimate pleasure for a dark chocolate lover’s tea break. The teapot was hand crafted using 3kg of Lindt EXCELLENCE 70% Cocoa chocolate and offers a delectable experience for tea and chocolate fans.

The dark chocolate teapot was revealed to celebrate the launch of a series of tea and chocolate pairings created by Lindt EXCELLENCE.

The teapot was conceived by the Lindt Master Chocolatier, Stefan Bruderer, who collaborated with Food Artist, Paul Wayne Gregory, to create this one off chocolate treat.


Stefan said; “The Lindt EXCELLENCE chocolate teapot is something truly bespoke and really celebrates these new matches of tea and chocolate. For a nation who loves tea, pairing it with just the right Lindt EXCELLENCE chocolate can transform the humble tea break into an unforgettable and delectable experience.

The exploration into chocolate pairing begins by visiting The ‘how to’ taste guide includes tips on brewing the perfect cup of tea and tasting notes aid discovery into the exquisite flavour sensations – guaranteed to elevate your tea break into the sublime.

The teapot is on display at Bea’s of Bloomsbury a quintessential tearoom in London, where visitors can admire the teapot for a limited period from 11 – 18 June, as they enjoy their regular infusions.

The teapot was unveiled today to celebrate the launch of a series of dedicated tea and chocolate pairings which can be found at

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