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too cool for school coconut

Coconut scented products are always a winner for summer. The smell alone conjures up thoughts of beaches and sunny weather! The new collection for Too Cool For School has recently caught my attention as it is Coconut scented and has some gorgeous summer beauty items to keep skin looking and feeling great. It was so popular, this brand had a waiting list of over 25,000 at ULTA when it recently launched in the US!

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Bringing the coolest and most innovative ingredients fresh from Korea, this playful brand offers users a unique beauty experience. Delicately scented, this range is giving us all the feels for summer.

too cool for school


Formulated with 87% pure Brazilian coconut water, Too Cool For School’s ultra-fine Coconut Milky Mist is the secret to permanently dewy, refreshed visage. Coconut water is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, which form an invisible, lightweight later that prevents water loss and keeps skin hydrated all day. It also has a similar pH to human body fluid, thus it is instantly absorbed into your skin and contains potassium that helps to balance hydration, increases the skin’s immune system and facilitates cell recovery. This convenient, multi-purpose mist is delivered as an ultra-fine cloud of coconut goodness and can be used at any point before or after makeup to quench thirsty skin; it is also perfect as a post-cleanse moisturising toner.

too cool for school


This innovative two-in-one scrub and mask is the perfect nourishing treat for dry skin. An awakening skin treat, this scrubby delight is formulated with coconut flower sugar; harvested from the sap of the coconut palm tree flower buds and is naturally rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, 16 types of amino acid, iron and vitamin B to gently, but effectively remove the build-up of dead skin cells. Uneven skin texture is gently polished leaving skin smooth and soft to the touch. The paste generates a very subtle heat when massaged into the skin which opens pores and results in the easier removal of the dead skin cells, and deeper penetration of active ingredients. Because of its highly nourishing and moisturising benefits, it also works as a washoff mask.

too cool for school coconut


If eyes need an instant hydration boost, then make these patches your new go to rescue remedy. Sitting snugly under the eyes, these stick-on, jelly-textured hydrogel eye patches are the easiest way to combat dehydration and signs of fatigue in the delicate eye area. They’re enriched with coconut oil, which, renowned for its moisturising abilities, works to diminish puffiness, brighten dark circles and enhance elasticity to counteract crêpey-ness. Contributing to the skin’s natural moisture barrier, these protect from dehydration and plump the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Ideal the morning after the night before, just place each under the eye and relax for up to thirty minutes. Then remove to reveal brighter, wide-awake eyes.

The sugar scrub and the serum eye patches are absolutely outstanding and I’ll definitely be using these throughout the summer months to keep my skin looking and feeling its best. Let me know in the comments or on social @lifestylelinked if you’ve tried anything from the Too Cool For School coconut range! Available to purchase now from and in store!

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