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I cannot think of anything better than jet setting off to a gorgeous island as soon as the leaves turn brown and start falling from the trees. There is something magical about winter sun going from autumn colours back to the warming bright tones of summer again. My busiest time with my business is during winter so being able to get away for a week before the Christmas rush hits, is definitely my idea of pre-Christmas bliss! The destination we chose was Tenerife, a place neither of us had visited previously so plenty of time to adventure around the island! Armed with my Maui Jim Moonbow Sunglasses I was ready for a week of sun, sea, sand and of course, cocktails!

Maui Jim Moonbow Sunglasses

Maui Jim Moonbow Sunglasses Pink on Volcanic Rock at Playas De Las Americas Beach

My colour choice for my Moonbow’s was pink with pink Tokyo. The lens features Maui Rose® which hosts a subtle rose tone and is the most comfortable for the wearer’s eyes. The lens is created with SuperThin Glass which is suited to a wearer who wants high clarity vision. The Moonbow range was inspired by the visual perfection created when moonlight reflects and refracts through water droplets. These sunglasses are perfect for all conditions whether it’s an overcast day in England or a bright sunlit day in Tenerife.

I love how versatile these glasses are and how brilliant they are at significantly reducing glare. The fact that they are made with SuperThin glass is another major advantage for me in comparison to standard Sunglasses, they are 20% thinner and lighter than standard glass. I could tell the difference from the overall weight of the sunglasses in comparison to my old pair, if I was wearing those all day I used to suffer from terrible pressure points from the places where they would sit behind my ears.

maui jim sunglasses

I wore my Maui Jims pretty much all week and didn’t have any sore pressure points; needless to say my old pair are now in the bin! They are a must have for anyone who spends time in direct sunlight especially those of you lucky enough to be enjoying a winter sun holiday! Another initial concern for me was the fact that when many of us try sunglasses it can be quite difficult to find a frame shape which compliments our face shape. This is not the case with the Maui Jim Moonbow Sunglasses, on the website they offer advice on which frame and design suits which face shape. The Moonbow is incredibly versatile and suits most face shapes (round, oval and oblong).

I wore the sunglasses in a variety of different places across the island to test out the versatility of the product. Firstly, I would like to say how fashionable they look and how they go with all clothing! Secondly, they were a welcomed edition to my holiday as I didn’t want to have to apply make up each day when the temperatures were high and these glasses made me feel confident enough to leave looking fresh faced every day. I wore them whilst walking the coastline and felt they were perfect, I didn’t have any problems in the glaring midday sun whilst other people were passing me trying desperately to shade their eyes.

Maui Jim Moonbow Sunglasses
I also took them out to sea! We went 3 miles out on a dolphin & whale watching boat and even though the sea was relatively rough they managed to stay on without me having to desperately cling to them like I was doing to the side of the boat! They enabled me to spot the dolphins and whales with ease in comparison to the others aboard the boat as the glasses reduced all signs of glare that you would expect from staring into a brightly lit sea. These are definitely my new favourite accessory!

The Maui Jim Moonbow Sunglasses are priced at £245 from

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