Thinking outside the money box – 5 ways you can save money this month

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When money is tight, it’s stressful. And if you’re living from paycheck to paycheck and yet you have so many things to finance and pay for, it can feel like you’re swimming against the tide. You need a break! Maybe you want to save money for a rainy day or have some set aside for an emergency or maybe you just want to buy the kids the things they keep asking you for.

Regardless of the reason (in our case it’s saving for more home renovations) when you’re already living on a budget, the idea of squeezing that budget, even more, is a little daunting. Will you have to give up more of the things you love? Will it really make a difference? The best solution is to work as hard as you can to save as much as possible. Want to find out more? Read on for 5 ways you can save money this month.

Cut back on your smoking habit

Smoking isn’t cheap and it’s only getting more and more expensive. The combined cost of your cigarette habit is probably shocking, so what’s the solution? Making the switch to vaping products could help you save a little more money each month. You’ll find a wide range of vaping products online such as e-cigs, vape tanks, e-liquids and more. You’ll still get the nicotine hit you want, but it won’t cost you as much!

Take a look at your biggest expenses

Rent, car, and bills. All of these things take up the majority of your monthly budget. So, examine them closely and consider all your options. Is downsizing to a smaller property a possibility? What about your car? Is it really essential? If you need your car then consider using it less. The less you use your vehicle the more you’ll save on fuel; repairs and you could get a cheaper insurance premium.

Stop eating out

You might not go out regularly for evening meals, but you may find that your lunchtime habits are costing you. Whether you’re heading to a fast-food restaurant with the kids or you’re picking up an extortionately priced sandwich at the local supermarket on your break, it’s these kinds of habits that can really put a drain on your finances. Be frugal and plan and prep your meals in advance.

Cut back on hobby spending

These little treats can seem harmless enough, but they could be causing more financial damage than you think. Perhaps you like reading or playing video games or you collect items and make impulsive buys. You can still make these kinds of purchases; however, you need to be clever about it. Buy second-hand books instead of brand new volumes, or head to the library for a completely free treat. If videogames are your thing, again second-hand copies are just as fun. Or you could share games with your friends.

Make your own gifts

Someone’s birthday coming up this month? Instead of buying a card that will end up in the recycling, make one instead. You could make them a gift too. Check online for some super simple homemade gift ideas.

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