Culinary experiences you must try while visiting the Niagara Falls

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Every year, around 30 million people visit the iconic Niagara Falls. This fantastic natural attraction has been bringing visitors to the area since the early 1800s. All of those people have to stay somewhere and eat while they are there. So, unsurprisingly, there are lots of bars, cafes, and restaurants for you to choose between. Here we tell you about some of the most interesting and best of them.

A table with a view and a room

Some of the best dining experiences are to be had in the restaurants, bars, and cafes of the many hotels that are located in and around the waterfalls. The Marriott on the Falls is a great example of what is available.

Their Milestones on the Falls restaurant offers a full-blown fine dining experience. It is open every day for lunch and dinner and there are plenty of tables that offer diners a view of the magnificent waterfalls. The menu features mostly European dishes and caters well for all kinds of diners.

For those who are looking for a lighter meal, the Marriott Fallsview Café is a great option. They offer an a la carte or hot buffet breakfast. But, the best tables are usually pre-booked by the hotel’s guests and space is limited.

The best way to ensure you can enjoy the dining experiences the area’s hotels have to offer is to book yourself a room. If you do decide to do so, it is really worth considering booking into a Fallsview room.

Pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven

When it comes to pizzas, you cannot beat a wood-fired oven. They reach incredible temperatures, which means the pizza cooks super-fast. With the added benefit that it takes on a slightly smoky flavor that makes it taste so much nicer. The Antica, Lock Wood and Bravo pizzerias all make their pizzas in this way.

Fine-dining Italian style

Italian food is one of the most popular in the world. If you love this cuisine and fine dining, you can combine the two pleasures by visiting Casa Mia.

The Skylon Tower’s revolving restaurant

If you can’t get a table with a view in one of the hotel restaurants that offer a Fallsview, head to the Skylon Tower. Eating in the revolving dining room is a unique experience and one you will not forget. As you would expect the 360-degree views are wonderful.

A great pub that serves hearty food

If you enjoy the atmosphere of traditional pubs, head to Doc Magilliagan’s. This Victorian style Irish pub serves up hearty British style dishes including pies, curries, and stews – comfort food at its best.

A true farm to table experience

For diners who are concerned about the environment, a meal at The Kasbah is a really great option. They serve Mediterranean style food including dishes that are suitable for vegetarians. But, there is also plenty for meat-lovers to enjoy. You can find out more about the farm-to-table movement here.


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