These New Olverum Launches Are Perfect For Winter

This month we’ve been trying out the new Olverum products and can’t wait to showcase them to you below. With winter on the way, Olverum products are an essential part of your daily routine.

Wash away the day and restore a sense of composure to mind and body. Botanical wellbeing and beauty experts OLVERUM launch their long-awaited BODY CLEANSER, uniquely crafted to respect the skin barrier without compromising indulgence and experience.

Skin never sleeps. Our largest organ is the first line of defence from environmental threats and lifestyle stress. Our skin barrier is a delicate balance of natural lipids which, without care and consideration, can become compromised, causing reactivity, inflammation, dehydration, redness, and discomfort.

Olverum’s diligently crafted solution to effective, gentle cleansing, is a blend of botanical mastery and scientific know-how. Its innovative formulation was 5 years in development under the personal hand of the founder, a sufferer of enduringly sensitive skin.

Created specifically for dry or dehydrated skin, or skin which is compromised after cleansing; Olverum Body Cleanser is soap and sulphate-free. It features a unique complex of 5 mild surfactants, derived from sugar, amino acids and responsibly sourced coconut and palm. A dense, luxurious lather cleanses the body while respecting the skin barrier, to leave skin soft, supple,and nourished with avocado oil.

Fragranced with the celebrated aromatic blend of essential oils synonymous with our iconic Bath Oil, Olverum Body Cleanser helps ease stress and relax tension in both mind and body.


Olverum also have a Purifying hand wash and Soothing hand lotion released just in time for the cold winter weather. The hand wash and hand lotion would make the perfect Christmas gift or treat for yourself. Find out more at

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