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honda CRV

On our recent trip to Center Parcs Honda were kind enough to offer us a car to take on the journey. We had a selection of Honda’s amazing cars to try on the list, but one stood out to me, the Honda CRV Hybrid AWD.

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Honda CRV

Since Tesla came onto the scene I have been aware of electric vehicles. Fascinated by the progress various companies have made into eco vehicles. Also very aware of the current limitations as far as range and charging. This would always make me pause for thought before purchasing an EV. I couldn’t pass up a chance at trying a Honda CRV Hybrid in a real life situation, seeing if a Hybrid is the best of both worlds.

Initial Thoughts

When the Honda CRV Hybrid was delivered, I took a little time to acquaint myself with an automatic again. I usually drive a manual for my daily driver. My first journey in the car was amazing, great high up driving position and view. Gorgeous white interior, tons of room (I am 6` 4”) and most of all; silence. You cannot comprehend how lovely it is to “float” toward your destination in peace and quiet. I couldn’t stop smiling.

honda CRV


The way the Honda CRV Hybrid system works is by utilising a clever system with two engines. One petrol motor capable of running the car at higher speeds. This charges the electric engine and also gives you some extra poke should you need it. The electric engine lets you waft around towns and city’s in near silence. The system also utilises a great regenerative braking system. This uses the momentum of slowing down to recharge the electric motor. giving you more time to use the motor without having to dip into your fossil fuel reserves. The braking system features various settings. One of which is a little tricky to adapt to, but gives the highest return of energy back into the electric motor.

honda crv hybrid


The Honda CRV Hybrid comes with amazing, clever functions. These range from how useful the center console storage space is, to some clever tech such as ACC. Every single time I got into the car I found another button to try. I only found out I had an amazing panoramic roof available to me two days before having to give it back!

honda crv hybrid

The head unit in the Honda CRV Hybrid is great, offering the usual functionality but on a huge LCD screen that everyone in the car can see. the Sat Nav was good and offered similar results to my phone running Google Waze. The unit also features Google Auto and Apple Car Play. I did have some difficulty utilising it with my Android phone, but the phone was new to me at the time and it could have been a setup issue on my part.


On one of my first journeys to get used to the CRV Hybrid I jumped on the M5 near my home and headed to a nearby town. I am very seasoned at Motorway driving and sometimes get a little closer than I should to the vehicle in front when starting to approach a junction. I was a little confused at first when the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) kicked in. It slowed me down and then maintained my speed to the vehicle in front until I had exited the junction.

This was one of the main functions I used when in the vehicle and using cruise control. It is such a useful function and helps with those longer journeys. Especially the ones in slower moving traffic, meaning you get to your destination less tired and more refreshed. The ACC offers various settings allowing a huge distance to the vehicle in front all the way down to something a lot closer. The LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist System) does as you may expect and keeps you in the correct lane. Correcting your steering if you start to wander out of the correct lane and also warns you audibly and on the screen. Both functions are fantastic and as I said really contribute to you getting to your destination fresh and ready for whatever the day brings.

Honda CRV Hybrid


I do not get a lot of time away from work, but when I do I really want to relax and not have to worry about anything. The car is gorgeous inside and out, offering tons of great solutions for your various cables and bits and pieces. We comfortably put 3 large suitcases in the rear of the vehicle for our trip and still had ample space for more. The seating is plush and well put together offering heated seats in the front. Fully adjustable electric settings to get them just how you want them and a heated steering wheel for those colder mornings. Similarly the climate control is fantastic and even has controls in the rear for your passengers.

honda CRV hybrid


In the time I had with the Honda CRV Hybrid I can honestly say it was amazing. I actually joked to my wife when we were giving it back if I could take the badge off my own vehicle and see if the Honda guy noticed; it’s that great. The amazing Hybrid system employed in the Honda CRV Hybrid impressed me immensely. It offers a great solution towards being green, whilst also removing the complexity of at home/work charging. Fantastic features like ACC make it simple to drive anywhere for a long amount of time. Reaching your destination relaxed and ready for the day at hand

I suppose the ultimate question would be, would I buy one with my own money? I have no doubt in my mind that I would! It’s that good.

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