Yankee Candle Warm Summer Nights

Yankee Candle Warm Summer Nights

Yankee candle warm summer nights is the perfect range to see out the end of summer with. In past years I always forget to light a candle in the house during the summer months, much preferring to save them for cozy winter nights instead. However this year I have actually remembered that lighting candles throughout the house is a great way to add a burst of summer scent and is a lovely way of keeping the home smelling fresh!

Before we take a look at the Yankee candle Harvest Time autumnal scents (which I do already have in my possession and am seriously excited about sharing with you all!) I wanted to see what offerings we have in scents that are well suited to the end of summer months.

yankee candle warm summer nights

Dreamy Summer Nights – let’s start with my favourite of them all. This is a gorgeous scent that seems to perfectly capture those warm summer evenings. There’s a hint of musky cologne in there and vanilla undertones. This is the perfect candle to burn on a regular basis in the evenings as the weather stars to get cooler.

yankee candle

Flowers In The Sun – Flowers in the sun smells exactly as you would expect! A bright, invigorating scent with a floral kick to it. I’m not usually a fan of floral scents but this one has won me over with that slight warmness to it.


Passion Fruit Martini – Now overly sweet scents aren’t my thing (as you’ll remember from my previous Yankee candle articles) but the rest of my family love them and as usual this one has been a huge hit with everyone else. I stand firmly corrected!

yankee candle

Sunset Breeze – Sunset Breeze is the perfect scent if you want something tropical. It is gorgeously scented with vibrant fruity tones and I love the colour in the jar! Stay tuned for the low-down on the Harvest Time Yankee candles coming up next month. I can’t wait to share my thoughts….

This collection starts at £8.99 for the small jars. The large jars are £21.99. Get them from http://www.yankeecandle.co.uk or find a vast selection on Amazon.

Disclaimer: please note that unless otherwise stated some items featured have been provided on a review basis.

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