Loot Crate Review

loot crate review

I have known about Loot Crate and their amazing swag boxes for quite some time, but until recently I was unaware they also do a monthly gaming box too. I was lucky enough to get the December 2017 box, so let’s take a peek at the contents.

Now I spent a large proportion of 2017 working my way through my Wolfenstein backlog, finally culminating in grabbing the amazing Wolfenstein 2 – The New Colossus, so you can imagine my delight when In the box I found a gorgeous Wolfenstein Liesel whistle – for those of you who don’t know, Liesel is a fictional Panzerhund a robotic dog who terrorises BJ and co throughout the game. Check out the promo video for the game below:

The whistle is beautifully made, comes in a display case and actually works (Yes I tried it…not sure if the local hounds heard it). Similarly there is also a nice exclusive poster from the game in the box, which my gaming daughter seems to have acquired, the only sad thing is that the poster is folded quite a lot, not rolled up and this does cause quite a lot of damage to the image.

poster of wolfenstein

Next up is a plushie grenade from the Gears of War franchise, in honesty not really my favourite gaming series, but I certainly understood what it was. The grenade is nicely simplified and well made and makes an excellent bit of fun to throw around the house/office as a bit of stress relief. The pin for this crate is also GOW themed in the shape of a Phoenix omen cog, the design is nice, and is a well made as usual – a great addition to any gamers pin collection.


Another of my all time favourite gaming series is Bioshock so I was really happy to find a really detailed scale model of a Big Daddy, it has no poseable parts and is intended to take pride of place on a desk or stand on a bookshelf or something like that. The level of detail is really high, and not far off the quality of the limited edition big daddy figurine that came with the original game all the way back in 2007.

big daddy figure lootcrate

The final item in the box is the T Shirt – for Loot Crate aficionados, you will know that the T-Shirt is a big part of the box, arguably the best part. Sadly this month’s offering is a COD WW2 T Shirt, now I like COD as much as the next man, in fact it is my guilty pleasure and when I don’t want to tackle something really deep I will fire up my old copy of Black Ops 2 on my Xbox, but this is such a missed opportunity. The design is all one colour and fairly bland looking – personally I think they could have done so much more with the design – I think this one may be consigned to being a bedtime t-shirt.

Overall, the highlights of the box for me, are certainly the Wolfenstein Panzerhund whistle and the Big Daddy figurine, both of which are currently adorning my shelf space, just such a shame about the T-Shirt. Still a very strong box for fans of shooters.

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