Super Bowl Sunday Recipes With Old El Paso

super bowl sunday

Old El Paso, the UK’s favourite Mexican food brand is bringing the celebrated Super Bowl party to the nation as they join forces with NFL as the official UK partner of Super Bowl LIV. Ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl Sunday clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, NFL UK Ambassador and former Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants cornerback Jason Bell will launch three Mexican-inspired Super Bowl recipes to inspire you to ‘Make Some Noise for Super Bowl’.

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Jason Bell who hosts the NFL Show on BBC will be introducing his Old El Paso recipes to inspire anyone to create them at home: ‘the fan favourite’ First Down Chicken Fajitas, the Half-time Halloumi Fajitas ‘the veggie way’ and the Touchdown Tacos ‘perfect for celebrating with amigos’ in a 3 part content series.

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most highly anticipated sporting event in the US and one of the highest viewed around the world with over 160 million viewers. NFL’s popularity is on a meteoric rise in the UK, where NFL London games sell out in Wembley and Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium. Mexican-style food is great for sharing and easy to prepare, making an Old El Paso recipe the perfect food to bring friends and family together over Super Bowl to ‘make some noise’ for one of the biggest sporting and cultural events of the year.

 Speaking of his involvement in the content series, Jason Bell added: “Great food goes hand in hand with Super Bowl and our Old El Paso NFL-inspired recipes will be the perfect way to get the party started.”

 Super Bowl Sunday Recipes

super bowl sunday

First Down Fajitas by Old El Paso

Griddled chicken with OEP Smokey BBQ seasoning, with colourful, griddled peppers (bell peppers), sweet red onion and to give this something extra, really garlicky mushrooms – using sliced, large portobello mushrooms. With the traditional accompaniments, such as salsa, creamy avocado, sour cream etc.

  1. Slice the mushrooms into 1cm thick slices
  2. Add a splash of oil to a sizzling hot pan with a pinch of salt, add the mushrooms and allow to cook until lightly golden. Reduce the heat, add a crushed, fat clove of garlic and a knob of butter, mix through the mushrooms for a minute before taking off the heat.
  3. Transfer the mushrooms to a plate.
  4. Slice tender chicken breast, crunchy peppers and red onion into thin strips.
  5. Add a splash of oil to a sizzling hot pan and stir-fry the chicken until thoroughly cooked.
  6. Throw in the onion, peppers and smoky BBQ Fajita Spice Mix.
  7. Sizzle away, stirring or tossing until the chicken is browned keeping the veg crunchy. Add the garlicky mushrooms to the pan and mix together.
  8. Warm the tortillas by piercing the packaging and microwave on full power for 35-40 seconds (cooking time may vary depending on microwave).To heat in the oven, remove packaging, separate tortillas and wrap in foil. Crank the oven to 200°C (180°C for fan assisted ovens), gas mark 4 and slide in the tortillas for 10 minutes. Keep them covered and warm until ready to serve.
  9. Round up your amigos and load up the warm, soft tortillas with the smoky chicken, peppers, onion and tasty mushrooms!

superbowl sunday

Half-time Halloumi Fajitas by Old El Paso

Halloumi pan fried in Crispy Chicken Old El Paso seasoning, with black beans and avocado. Are you hot, or are you not? If spicy jalapenos are your thing, or you want to cool things down with sour cream, this tasty Old El Paso combo will hit the mark!

  1. Slice the haloumi into 1cm thick slices.
  2. Throw the haloumi, 2 tbsp of vegetable oil and the Old El Paso Crispy Crumb Seasoning Mix into the shaker bag and shake until the haloumi is coated in the rich spices.
  3. Add a splash of oil to a sizzling hot pan add the haloumi and pan fry until lightly golden and crispy on each side.
  4. brown and crispy.
  5. Pierce the Old El Paso Soft Flour Tortillas packaging and microwave on full power for 35-40 seconds. To heat in the oven, remove the packaging, separate the tortillas and wrap them in foil. 10 minutes at 200°C (180°C for fan assisted ovens), gas mark 4 should do it. Keep them covered until ready to serve.
  6. Lay the crispy haloumi on the warm flour tortillas, add black beans, avocado and spoon over the cooling sour cream. For a real kick, add a scattering of jalapenos. Finish with your favourite toppings and serve

super bowl sunday

Touch Down Tacos by Old El Paso

Old El Paso Stand n’ Stuff Taco Boat Kits filled with tender and juicy steak mince, cooked to perfection with Smoky BBQ Old El Paso seasoning! Topped with hot jalapenos, cool sour cream, crisp lettuce…. simple, but delicious!

  1. Swirl oil in hot pan
  2. Add minced beef to fry and allow to colour, stir occasionally
  3. Add Old El Paso Smoky BBQ seasoning mix and stir through
  4. Fill the Stand n’ Stuff taco with crisp lettuce and mince
  5. Get creative with toppings-shredded cheese, cherry tomatos, jalapenos, sour cream, creamy avocado

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