Diet Chef Review: Summer Meals Made Easy?

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Diet Chef Review For the past month I’ve been trying out some of Diet Chef’s food to see what kind of selection there was on offer and the meals that you can pick from. My aim was to look at the food from less of a ‘lose weight fast’ angle and more of a convenience and taste factor. I wanted to know if the food tasted good, whether it was easy to prepare and how it can be fitted in to today’s busy working life. If I lost a few lbs along the way then that would be a bonus! My verdict after the past month is mixed, for various reasons that I’ll outline below.


First of all, let’s start with the menu. Diet Chef offer a really great range of foods. You’ll be spoilt for choice when you place your order as there are so many things to pick from. It’s a really exciting process and I love the fact that you can make your order based on your own selection of favourite foods. The food pictured on the website is also accurate to what it actually turns out like when you cook it at home. That might sound obvious, but how many times have we all been fooled in to buying a meal that looks delicious on the packaging but when you get home to cook it, you realise that it looks (and tastes) like a giant slab of mushy cardboard? I’m pleased to report that in my diet chef review this certainly isn’t the case. So we’re off to a good start!


Some of the food is absolutely delicious and packed with flavour. One of my favourites were the sausages in onion gravy. They were moist, tasty and super easy to cook. The place where Diet Chef begins to fall a little short for me though is in its lack of accompaniments to certain meals. The sausages in onion gravy are a perfect example of this. It might just be me, but I am rubbish at judging portion sizes. The thing that drew me to Diet Chef was that your portions were already measured out for you. What about the occasions when you need something to go with your meal though? Surely if you’re going to spend the time making home made mash to go with your sausages, you could have just cooked the sausages for yourself as well? I love cooking so it’s not really a massive problem for me, but I think that it could potentially be for others out there.


Aside from this little annoyance, Diet Chef does seem to really work. I loved having such a variety of meals and knowing that everything was planned out for me. During that particular month when I did my trial, I knew that I was going to be really busy with work, so  I must admit that it was handy to have this slightly easier option available to me if I wanted it.


Dishes such as Chicken in Black Bean Sauce were so tasty that I almost felt like I had ordered from a takeaway! I used a sachet of Uncle Ben’s egg fried rice with mine though, so I’m not sure that was the healthiest option ever…. whoops!


Breakfast and snacks from Diet Chef were amazing. It’s got to be said! Their granola and muesli go really well with a simple dollop of Greek yoghurt and I loved the mixture of seeds and nuts running through them. A great summer breakfast option! The additional snacks such as protein bars and popcorn were also a really handy option for when you’re on the go.

All in all, I would say that Diet Chef has it’s plus points and it’s negative points, as with any other brand. There will be some things you’ll absolutely love about the meals and others that you might not. If you can make your selection carefully and ensure that the plan you pick is 100% right for you, then it could be a really good way to lose a few lbs over the summer and get your body bikini ready.

Let me know what you thought of my diet chef review and how it compares with your own experiences.


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