Soothing Scents for Uninterrupted Mindfulness

Many of us are replacing our food, home and beauty products with more natural and organic alternatives. Now Holistic London have created the most amazing scents that are organic and eco-friendly.

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Studies show that paraffin candles release harmful chemicals. These can cause problems which affect your skin and health. Many of the fragrances they use can be just as dangerous if they’re not natural. Often overlooked the wick could be another problem as can leave fumes when made from non-natural materials such as natural cotton. Holistic London searched far and wide for organic and non-toxic alternatives. They realised the need for well-designed, natural and healthy candles. Holistic London began experimenting with candles that anyone would enjoy burning in their own home.

grapefruit rosemary candle

Holistic London are proud candlemakers and are passionately involved in every detail, however small, making products that deserve to be in people’s homes.

Holistic London are only made with two high-quality natural ingredients. Their renewable, eco-friendly soy wax is of the highest quality whilst their essential oils are sourced for the very best scents that provide stunning aromas and last much longer than industry standard candles. This means all their candles are plant based, vegan and cruelty free, in simple words ‘100% Clean’. Because Holistic London only use pure essential oils their candles deliver a comforting and surround aromatherapy experience.

With a wide selection of fragrances to suit any home, mood or personality Holistic London provide a stunning choice. Our absolute favourite is the holistic grapefruit and rosemary candle which is perfect to encourage mindfulness in these uncertain times that we are all currently facing. Visit for more information.

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