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The winter months are firmly upon us; mornings are getting less appealing, and your central heating has most likely been well and truly switched on. But is the colder weather having an impact on your sleep? Are you struggling to drift off or waking up feeling chilly? Neil Robinson, sleep expert from Sealy UK, is here to help with his top tips for staying warm this winter.

1. Take a bath.

Although I’d always recommend sleeping in a cool and dry environment, there is a big difference between cool and freezing, and if your body is trying to regulate your temperature, you’ll most certainly struggle to get to sleep. Try having a bath before bedtime to warm yourself up and help you feel relaxed.

2. Exercise.

While doing strenuous exercise before bed may leave you feeling too invigorated to sleep, a gentle walk will get your circulation going and once again help to raise your core body temperature and leave you feeling cosy before you get to bed.

3. Get the right duvet.

It’s important not to underestimate tog rating when it comes to duvets. The correct one will keep you at just the right temperature so you’ll enjoy deep sleep every night, whatever the season. In fact, research by our friends over at Comfy Quilts shows that the majority of us don’t change our duvets to suit the seasons, while one in five of us don’t know the tog rating of our current duvet!

For the winter months, I’d recommend opting for a 13.5 – 15 tog duvet. You could even try an electric blanket if you want to be extra toasty.

4. Wrap up warm.

Just as important as the duvet you sleep under, are the clothes you sleep in. Treat yourself to some snuggly winter nightwear and opt for woollen socks, both will prevent you having to keep the heating on in your bedroom during the night. Don’t overdo it though, or you’ll wake up sweating!

5. Bottle it.

The oldies are always the best, and you can’t beat a hot water bottle when it comes to staying warm in bed. Pop it under the covers a little while before you head to bed. As an alternative, you could choose a wheat bag which can be warmed up in the microwave in a matter of minutes.

6. Stop draughts.

As far as is possible, make sure your bedroom is free from draughts and breezes. Ensure your curtains are of adequate weight to keep out the cold and draw them a few hours before you go to bed to make sure the heat remains in the room. You could also invest in a draught excluder to place at the bottom of your bedroom door too.

7. Share body heat.

Pool your body heat with your partner by sleeping close to one another. You could even allow your pet to stay in your room for a little extra warmth too (in fact, according to our research, we know 10% of you do this already!)

8. Have a hot drink.

Finally, I’d recommend warming yourself up with a nice warm drink before you head to bed. Steer clear of caffeine though as this is likely to be counter-productive. Instead why not try a nice cup of herbal or decaffeinated tea, it’s sure to get you feeling relaxed. Stop at one cup though, or you might end up having to nip to the bathroom in the night!

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