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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I hope that you’re all celebrating in whatever way makes you and your loved one happy, whether that’s with big romantic gestures or small, heartfelt surprises. I wanted to share a fantastic gift idea with you from SUCK UK. They sell these amazing Paper Bears which come in a cute little box. You take them out and then it’s up to you to get creative and add your own design!

My husband designed one for me this Valentine’s Day and I am absolutely blown away by how great it came out. It will definitely be taking pride of place in my office, so that I can gaze at her whilst I write. I think she needs a name! Something flamboyant and girly perhaps?


Mine was decorated with a giant superhero themed ‘B’ for my initial, a carved tree and an Eiffel tower which really means a lot as we have fond memories of Paris! I love the detail given to her eyes as well. So pretty!

He used Sharpies but you could use whatever pens, felt, sparkles etc you wanted to come up with personal and individual designs to create something that represents the person you are making your bear for.

Get yours HERE for £12.00 and start creating something special!

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