Johnson’s Bare Essentials For Babies’ First Touch


A recent study by the makers of JOHNSON’S® Baby found that almost half of first time mums (48%) worry every day about ensuring their baby’s skin and hair is healthy*. To help new mums looking for peace of mind the JOHNSON’S® Baby brand has created FIRST TOUCH™, a brand new fragrance-free range developed for newborns that includes everything new mums need to cleanse and protect their baby’s delicate skin from top to toe.


Newborn skin is around a third thinner than adult skin and loses moisture quicker, making them more susceptible to dryness and irritation and in need of extra care to protect their skin’s natural defences. In fact the study of 540 first time mums found that almost two thirds (62%) said their baby experienced dry or sensitive skin, over half (51%) experienced redness or a rash, and almost a quarter (24%) suffered from cradle cap or dandruff.


Because newborn skin is so delicate, knowing the best way to care for it can be overwhelming. The study revealed that first time mums are bombarded with information from over 20 different sources, including the internet, TV, friends, family and health care professionals, which could make knowing how and when to start cleansing confusing.


Julie Van Onselen, Independent Dermatology Nurse, says: “Having a baby is an incredibly exciting time, but it is also daunting when faced with so many new decisions to make. Baby skincare advice comes from many different sources, and can often be conflicting and therefore confusing. In reality the choice of when to start cleansing is really up to you. Water alone can make baby’s skin dry, and can make it harder to cleanse their skin effectively. Adding a mild, gentle cleanser, specially designed for sensitive baby skin to their bath will not only help to wash away fat-soluble impurities from their skin, but help maintain the skin’s natural protection.”



Almost a third (31%) of first-time mums in the study said they made a point of using products that were fragrance-free on their child’s skin. The new JOHNSON’S® Baby FIRST TOUCH™ range contains no fragrance, soap or colour, is suitable for sensitive skin, and has been formulated to help maintain newborn skin’s natural protection, softness and retain a balanced pH.


The research also identified that in an average week babies have their nappy changed 20 times, have their faces washed 10 times, hands 14 times, as well as having a full bath on average almost 5 times. This amount of regular contact means that it is important to use only specially formulated baby products which have been developed to help maintain the skin’s natural protection at bath time.


The range, available in stores nationwide, includes six products, each with only essential ingredients to give your newborn baby gentle and effective cleansing and protection. The new FIRST TOUCH™, range includes the JOHNSON’S® Baby Proven Gentle, Mild and Effective™ promise seal. The seal shows that the JOHNSON’S® Baby brand is committed to providing baby skincare that is proven gentle, mild and effective, supporting baby’s healthy skin development.


The range includes:

· JOHNSON’S® Baby FIRST TOUCH™, All-in-one Wash – a mild and gentle cleanser with a NO MORE TEARS® formula that is mild to the eyes

· JOHNSON’S® Baby FIRST TOUCH™ Moisturising Lotion – specially developed to soothe and protect baby’s delicate newborn skin

· JOHNSON’S® Baby FIRST TOUCH™ Oil – mild and gentle it locks in moisture to protect from drying, and is ideal for baby massage

· JOHNSON’S® Baby FIRST TOUCH™ Shampoo – cleanses baby’s delicate hair, leaving the scalp moisturised, whilst the NO MORE TEARS® formula is mild to the eyes

· JOHNSON’S® Baby FIRST TOUCH™ Barrier Cream – proven to quickly soothe the skin whilst forming an instant barrier to help protect baby’s delicate skin from the irritants and friction which can cause nappy rash

· JOHNSON’S® Baby FIRST TOUCH™ Wipes – mild and gentle, and help protect from redness and irritation, even on your newborn baby’s face


Try new JOHNSON’S® Baby FIRST TOUCH™ to protect and care for your newborn’s skin, from top to toe. Available in stores now.

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