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A Dragons’ Den success story, this premium eco shaker-thermos-drinks bottle keeps drinks hot for eight hours, and cold for 12 hours, thanks to its double stainless steel walls, but its unique use is as a no-blade shaker – it breaks down ingredients effectively without blades, so is perfect for protein shakes, smoothies, juices, tea, coffee or water.

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What to expect?

I’ve been trying mine out this week and the first thing that impressed me was the attention to detail of the packaging. The box is luxurious and high quality and makes the ShakeSphere a great gift to present someone with. The matte black effect on the design that we chose makes it look sleek and stylish! I love using this on the days where I’m not making my own juices and my husband uses it for his protein shakes.

shake sphere

Unique and versatile

The tumblers are unlike anything on the market. It features a ‘capsule’ design comprising of two opposing half hemispheres that when shaken, create a centrifugal force to rapidly break down powders, mixtures and liquids. It can even puree soft fruits like bananas and raspberries without blades, wire balls or mesh grids. And without any corners for ingredients to get stuck into, there’s no waste, less cleaning and no smells.

Environmentally friendly

Corrosion-resistant, durable, BPA-free and environmentally friendly. Comes in three colours: Matte Black, Brushed Steel, Brushed Copper. Our favourite is definitely the matte black but all of the colourways look great.

The ShakeSphere is priced at £55 (700ml) and available at now.

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