The Ultimate Winter Warmer | Cottage Pie With Co-op Irresistible Mashing Potatoes

cottage pie

Winter is officially here and it is getting dark by 5pm. If your family is anything like ours, you’ll be looking for warm, filling and easy meals to make that everyone will love. This week we’ve teamed up with Co-op who have just launched their Irresistible Mashing Potatoes.

cottage pie

They are available in Co-op stores now and are absolutely perfect for when you want the ultimate bowl of deliciously fluffy mash. And let’s face it, that’s exactly what I crave for my tea most days! The variety of potatoes used in the Irresistible Mashing Potatoes is the Lilly variety and this is actually exclusive to Co-op.

winter greens mash

Available in 1.5kg bags, Irresistible Mashing potatoes are ideal for boiling and mashing but are equally versatile for other uses too. You could use them as part of a meal, such as a topping on shepherds or fish pies or as the centre piece to a recipe.

cottage pie

Winter Greens Cottage Pie with Co-op Irresistible Mashing Potatoes

We’ve made one of our old faithful favourite meals in this post and it’s perfect for the whole family. If you have younger children who have to be persuaded to eat their veg, this is also great as the mash is fluffy, filling and packed full of tasty winter greens for a subtle taste that doesn’t overpower these already naturally delicious potatoes. To make this recipe, simply follow the simple steps below.


It is worth noting that if you don’t want to make the full version of this dish then the mash is also absolutely delicious alone and would work really well as a side dish with any main meal this winter. You could pop it alongside some fresh sausages or even use it to top a fish pie. So versatile!

veg chopped

Ingredients – 1.5k bag of Co-op Irresistible Mashing Potatoes / Butter / Salt & White Pepper / Green veg such as sprouts and cabbage / 500g Beef Mince / Splash of Olive Oil for cooking / 1 large white onion / 2 celery sticks / 1 large carrot / Gravy granules / Herbs and seasoning of choice.

cottage pie


First you’ll want to peel and chop your potatoes into chunks and put them on to boil for around 15-20 minutes or until soft. We used one 1.5kg bag of Irresistible Mashing Potatoes to make our cottage pie and it served 4.

Put on your green veg such as sprouts and cabbage to cook until soft.

Brown 500g of minced beef and add in one large white onion, one large carrot (diced) and 2 sticks of celery (diced).

Cook for aprox 15 minutes on a low heat or until veg is soft and the mince is cooked through.

We used gravy granules to make 1 pint of gravy and added this in to the pan with the beef and veg mixture. Simmer for aprox 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Drain your green veg and set aside.

Drain your potatoes and add white pepper, a pinch of salt and some real butter if desired. These will be soft and easy to mash!

Finely dice your cooked greens and add them to the potatoes before giving the mash a good mix.

Layer up your bowls with the mince mixture and top with a generous spoonful of your mashed potatoes.

Oven cook for 15-20 minutes or until your potatoes are golden.

Serve with a side of veg and plenty of gravy.

cottage pie

Co-op Irresistible Mashing Potatoes are British potatoes and grown by a small number of carefully selected growers and are available from @coopukfood

Disclaimer: This post was in collaboration with Co-op and contains paid for advertorial.

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