A Day in the Life Of: A Retro, Rockabilly and Vintage hair Salon Owner

Ever wondered what it was like to spend a day in the life of someone else? Well today on lifestylelinked, we give you a glimpse in to the world of ReeRee Rockette – owner of vintage hair salon Rockalily cuts.

7:30am – alarm goes off, and I snooze for 15 more minutes. Sit up, grab the laptop and check emails and social media for any client bookings for the upcoming day.

8:15 – Shower, get dressed and grab a banana or an boiled egg. I also snap a quick picture of my outfit for the daily style section of my blog.daily style picture.jpg

9:15 – Leave my house to either get the train to the salon if I’m working there for the day, or to take my laptop to a coffee shop if I’m working from home. When I ‘work from home’ I rarely literally work from home, as it is harder to get in the right mindset.
Lunch – I’ll grab a salad or eggs from a cafe, perhaps homemade quiche or soup if it’s colder weather.
Regardless of whether I’m working from the salon or from home, my day will include blogging, replying to emails, booking in clients, using social media, paying bills, and general business admin.

At the salon I’ll enjoy catching up with clients, while sweeping the floor and getting drinks and biscuits, and if at home I may squeeze in a personal appointment (like nails or the doctor!).reeree working in the sun.jpg

7pm – The salon closes at seven most nights, so I’ll catch the train home, and if I’m not exhausted I’ll arrange a quick drink with a local friend, or go to the gym. I like the gym in the evenings; mine is pretty empty!
9:30 – If I’ve been to the gym I can be having dinner as late as 9:30, so I may throw on a soup, or just have houmous and salad. I may stream something to watch on my laptop (I don’t have a tv) while replying to the final emails and social media enquires for the night.
11:30 – Time to read a book, or just listen to the radio before bed!
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