Diptyque New York Candle Review

Diptyque New York Candle

The Diptyque New York Candle was recently released and it just so happened that we were in New York at the right time top pick one up! I’m a huge fan of Diptyque as a brand. They exude such an iconic sense of quality and sophisticated style that is so rare to find these days. The Diptyque candles are some of my absolute favourite ways to scent our home and so when I learned of this new release, I had to pop in to the nearest store in NYC and pick up the Diptyque New York Candle to bring back to the UK with me.

Diptyque New York Candle

Now I didn’t know very much about this candle release if I’m honest but when I went into the Columbus Circle Mall Diptyque store after a day of exploring Central Park with the family, I was really pleased to receive some amazing service from the staff there who explained a little more about the candle and how it was part of a wider release of exclusive candles from various different places around the world. Fellow UK Diptyque fans will probably already know that there is a London exclusive available now so I’ll try and get my hands on one to review here soon.

diptyque new york candle

What does the Diptyque New York Candle actually smell like?

The Diptyque New York Candle itself is a really unique and captivating scent. The top notes seem to be slightly masculine, like a fine cologne with a musky undertone. There’s a definite hint of ceder and tobacco and it seems like this would be wonderful to burn throughout the slightly cooler Autumnal months before winter really gets here and we all start lusting over the new and exciting festive scents.

diptyque new york

The packaging is absolutely breathtaking. From the design of the outer case to the candle itself this dark blue (almost black in some lighting) tinted glass is decorated with bronze accents, that are the epitome of style.

If you are headed to NYC any time soon I would highly recommend picking up the Diptyque New York Candle and experiencing it for yourself as not only is it the perfect way to remember your trip, it is a wonderful scent that you’ll definitely find yourself falling head over heels for.

Find the current Diptyque releases at stores such as John Lewis and potentially pick up a bargain on eBay here.

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