How to make an older dog feel more comfortable

Perhaps you’ve decided to take in an older dog? Maybe your furry friend has started showing signs of age? Regardless, you need to be properly educated to ensure your pup remains happy and healthy for the remainder of their mature years.

We discuss some of the main things to be aware of and how you can change your lifestyle to accommodate their needs.

Provide them with a new dog bed

Older dogs need more sleep, meaning a supportive and comfortable place to rest is of utmost importance. Laying on hard floors can put significant pressure on the joints, so it’s recommended that they have a good quality luxury dog bed to rest on.

Generally, you’ll want to look for something that has adequate padding and will stay in shape once pressure has been added. It should also be easy to clean in case of accidents.

Alter grooming processes

If your senior dog requires regular grooming, it’s important to make some adjustments to account for their health conditions. Particularly with achy joints, you want to avoid moving or extending their body parts more than necessary.

Always make sure that grooming is both slow and gentle, paying close attention to not nip the skin since skin loses elasticity with age. Where possible, always seek the help of a professional groomer who will be able to come up with a plan of action to suit your dog’s needs.

Change their diet

You may not be aware that dogs have different nutritional requirements depending on their age. Just as puppies need high amounts of protein and calcium, older dogs need a lower-calorie diet that is high in fibre.

Other nutrients or supplements may be necessary to support health and this can vary depending on your dog’s breed, size, and activity level. Just to be safe, consult with a veterinarian or professional regularly, who will be able to answer any of your questions.

Make the home more accessible

Like with humans, you may need to change areas of the home to make them more accessible for your furry friend. If, for example, they struggle to make it onto their favourite sofa, consider installing a ramp or purchasing a new settee that is lower to the group.

Additionally, you can elevate their food and water bowls. Doing so will greatly benefit their health by reducing neck and back problems from straining. It creates a much safer way for them to enjoy their meals while keeping the neck in a neutral position.

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