Healthy Non-Alcoholic January Drinks


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been doing my best to keep to my New Year’s resolutions this year and to actually try and be more healthy throughout January and the entire year ahead. We all need our little treats every now and again, but if you are looking for healthier, vitamin filled alternatives to alcohol this month then take a look at our suggestions below!

Vit Hit Drinks

Four brand new drinks (pictured above) made with real juice, herbs and tea. Each bottle contains 35 calories or less, with 8 different vitamins in one bottle (all at 100% RDA) perfect for those who want a pick me up or simply seek a healthier lifestyle.

The four tasty flavours are:

Mandarin: DETOX – Just 35 Calories

Green Tea: Contains antioxidants which defend the body from harmful free radicals and protect the body from damage.

Citrus: REVIVE – Just 17 calories

Siberian ginseng: increases mental performance, energises body and protects against minor ailments.

Berry: BOOST – Just 16 calories

Rooibos tea: from the south African redbush tree, rooibos tea is high in antioxidants.

Green Apple and Elderflower: LEAN & GREEN – Just 35 calories

Mate tea: highly rich in vitamins and minerals , mate tea is 3 times stronger in antioxidants than green tea. Traditionally consumed to support weight loss and helps boost physical energy.

L-carnitine: helps transport fat to the muscle areas of the body.

Each drink brings its own attributes, from making you feel energised to helping boost metabolism. They taste absolutely delicious (my favourite is the Green Apple and Elderflower!) and are a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins.

VITHIT Berry Boost, Lean & Green, Detox and Citrus Revive are available in Tesco with a RRP of £1.45 for 500ml.

Joe's Tea

Joe’s Tea

Perfect for keeping warm and staying healthy on these cold winter days that we’re experiencing at the moment, Joe’s Teas come in various amazingly delicious flavours. Brew those cobwebs away and keep it pure with a cup of organic peppermint. There’s nothing more refreshing for mind, body and soul (and your belly’ll thank you too).

What could be more perfect than a cup of peppermint tea at the end of a long stressful day, when you’re determined to stay refreshed, healthy and alcohol free?! We love them.

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