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Fake tanning products – Not all of us are blessed with naturally great skin, or the ability to pick up a tan in the summer sun. For some of us (myself included) tanning can be a little bit of a daunting process and requires a little bit of bravery to take that first step into applying fake tan or ‘summer glow’ beauty products.

If you have pale skin like me, or are just new to fake tanning at home then here are a three gorgeous fake tanning products that I’ve been trying out recently that really do make things easier.

Naturally sunkissed No7 review

First up is the No7 Naturally Sun Kissed Gradual Body Tan. Priced at just £9.95, this is perfect for a beautiful light tan.  This gradual tan deeply smoothes and moisturises skin optimising its condition for exposure to the sun whilst its gentle self-tanning ingredients leave behind a hint of beautiful colour that builds day by day into a natural looking year round glow.  It moisturises for up to 12 hours and contains a unique antioxidant complex to prepare skin for exposure to the sun. This is beautifully scented and you can simply apply it daily exactly how you would apply a regular moisturiser. You won’t see a seriously dark tan from this but that’s not its purpose. From this you’ll get a healthier looking glow and perfectly moisturised skin. Perfect for those who are just trying tanning for the first time. Available from now.

Body Shop Honey Bronze Review

Next up are a couple of products from The Body Shop, who as you know, are a firm favourite of ours here on lifestylelinked. These products are absolutely perfect for those of you wanting a little bit of a sun-kissed golden glow at any time of the year! The Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist leaves your legs feeling gorgeously moisturised and perfectly bronzed. You can choose how much of this you apply. So leave it with just a quick covering for a natural ‘your skin but better’ look or build it up with a few more applications for a bronzed goddess glow. Simple to use and seriously effective!

Last but not least, finish the whole look off with the Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil. This smells like summer in a bottle to me! The scent is amazing and the product completely lives up to its promises to create a gorgeous shimmer to your skin. The ideal way to quickly and easily achieve a gorgeous glow without the risk of any streaks or long application processes. Get both from

Disclaimer: please note that unless otherwise stated some items featured have been provided on a review basis.

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