Summer tipples: 4 Fantastic drinks from ASDA

drinks from ASDA

Drinks from ASDA – With summer in full swing and Autumn on its way, we’re looking at some of the best, budget friendly last minute tipples for making the most of the warmer weather! ASDA have some great options.

drinks from ASDA

Asda Kentucky Whiskey – bronze medal winner – £13.30

Product of the USA. Kentucky matured. Aged in Oak Barrels to add depth and character. Specially selected by ASDA.

This whisky is absolutely amazing. We can’t praise it highly enough! If you are looking for the taste of Jack Daniels at much cheaper prices then give this a shot. You won’t be disappointed! Truly delicious and a ‘must try’ for any whisky lovers out there.

Asda Deep South Whiskey – silver medal winner £11.50

A bitter orange spiced flavoured liqueur. A natural liqueur spirit with bitter orange and mandarin flavours with subtle hints of spice, vanilla and liquorice on the finish. Distilled from Molasses alcohol and blended with orange flavourings and spices typical of the southern states. This was a real surprise, flavour wise. It is great when mixed with lemonade and has a refreshing, fruity twist! Perfect for summer!

Award Winning Wine & Champagne


Raise a toast to summer with Asda’s Gold award-­‐winning Extra Special Louis Bernard Premier Cru Champagne (£19.75).

Brand new in store, this Champagne also won a Great Value Champagne award, beating other

Champagnes costing up to ten times the price,  making it the perfect affordable treat!

For those planning a wedding, birthday or celebration this Premier Cru would be perfect – floral, fruity, rich and delicious.


Impress barbecue guests with the multi award winning Wine Selection Syrah 2011

(currently on rollback to £4.50), brimming full of sweet spice,  pepper and deep, rich fruit flavours.

This wine scooped up a Silver Outstanding award, beating other reds costing up to ten times the price.

One of the best red wine’s we’ve tried in a long time and outstanding quality given its budget friendly price tag!

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