Embracing Autumn & Winter Colour Schemes In Your Home


As the leaves change and the chill in the air signals the transition between seasons, home decor enthusiasts often find a new colour palette to play with. As summer flows into autumn and autumn leads into winter, there are plenty of beautiful seasonal colours and gorgeous shades to experiment with in your home each year. 

Whether you love the style of burnt orange accessories or the winter-like glow of silver decor, there are many ways that you can embrace seasonal colour schemes in your living space this year. Find out more about which stylish colours you could embrace in your home decor right now and how to style them to perfectly complement the autumn and winter seasons as they arrive. 

Burnt Orange & Sparkling Golds: Infusing Your Home With Autumnal Colours

The autumn season brings with it a rich palette of colours reminiscent of the changing foliage. Among these, shades of orange such as burnt orange and rust, along with golds and browns, emerge as popular choices for home decor. These colours evoke a warm, cosy atmosphere and encapsulate the essence of autumn with its shades perfect for the changing leaves, spiced lattes, and Halloween.

The beauty of these autumnal hues is their versatility as they do not just have to be for autumn and winter. With a bit of creativity, these colours can be incorporated into your home decor to maintain a warm and inviting atmosphere all year round. 

Blending them with neutrals or complementary colours can create a balanced look that transitions smoothly through the seasons. For instance, pairing burnt orange with soft creams or deep brown with pastel blues can offer a harmonious contrast while keeping the autumn spirit alive throughout the year.

Being bold with focal walls: Embracing autumn colours on a focal wall can significantly transform your living space. Consider painting a wall in deep orange or a warm brown to immediately add a cosy, autumnal feel to the room. Additionally, you can also explore wallpapers with autumn leaf motifs or in a gold hue to bring a touch of seasonal charm.

Staying cosy indoors with soft furnishings: As the temperatures drop, incorporating soft furnishings like cushions and fluffy throw blankets in autumnal colours can make a big difference. Opt for cushions in a mix of burnt orange, gold, and brown to create a warm, inviting space. The plush texture of fluffy throw blankets in these colours will not only keep you warm but also add a layer of comfort and style to your home decor.

Adding autumnal decor to your living space: Autumnal decor goes beyond just colours; it’s about creating a seasonal ambiance. Glass bowls filled with pine cones, acorns, or even small pumpkins can make for a simple yet effective centrepiece on a coffee table or dining table. Incorporating candles with autumn scents like cinnamon, apple, or pumpkin spice in strategic spots around your home not only enhances the colour scheme but also fills your living space with comforting, seasonal fragrances.

Deep Jewel Tones & Glittering Silver: Transforming Your Living Space With Winter Colours

Nothing quite says winter like cool greys or rich jewel tones in a home colour scheme. Silver or even ‘Ultimate Gray’ (Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2021) can help create a cool tone to your home which compliments the cold winter weather outdoors. On the other hand, dark greens or deep berry reds like Dark Garnet from Dulux can help you perfectly create a seasonal living space and Christmas atmosphere in your home. 

While these colours are popular to use in the winter months, they can also be just as popular all-year-round. When thinking about decorating for different seasons, it’s always important to choose colours that you will love in your home decor throughout the year and not just during winter. Whether you are decorating your dining table or your painted sideboards, using table runners, candles, and more tabletop accessories, in seasonal colours can easily uplift a room for autumn and winter.

Homeowners can create a bold and striking design by painting their walls in winter shades or opt for something more subtle with their accessories, soft furnishings, and furniture pieces instead. Deep reds can be paired with lighter shades or earth tones to create a cosy yet modern look, while jewel tones can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any room, no matter the season.

Setting the scene for Christmas: When it comes to changing up your home for Christmas, you might also want to consider useful winter renovations for your home as well, such as painting and laying new carpets. You might want to consider paint or wallpaper in deep jewel tones to perfectly reflect the Christmas season as well as a stylish decor look all-year-round. 

Using garlands adorned with deep reds, greens, and touches of silver can set the perfect winter scene too and can be draped over mantelpieces or along staircases to create a festive atmosphere. Incorporating winter plants like holly or poinsettias in strategic spots around your home also not only brings nature indoors but also adds a traditional Christmas charm with their vibrant red and green hues.

Making the most of table decorations: The dining table becomes a focal point during winter gatherings so dressing it up with the right decor can enhance the festive feel in your home. Consider a table runner in a rich jewel tone as a base, then add silver Christmas decor like candle holders or serving trays to introduce a modern and elegant touch. Deep red napkins or place mats can also add a pop of winter colour, creating a welcoming space for your guests to enjoy.

Adding stylish touches of the winter season: Infusing your living spaces with winter colours and decor can also be achieved with minimal effort. Consider placing candles with winter scents like winter spice or vanilla on coffee tables or mantelpieces to add both colour and a comforting aroma to your home. Small decor items like silver baubles, deep green throw pillows or a deep red vase can also bring in the winter palette subtly yet effectively, making your home ready for the season.

Embracing the seasonal shifts with a touch of decor creativity can truly transform your home into a cosy and inviting haven. Whether you’re infusing the warm autumnal hues or the rich, comforting colours of winter, each decor idea shared above could inspire you to create a stylish and cosy living space in your home this year. 


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