5 top tips for refreshing the exterior of your home

Restoring your home exterior on a budget

With the summer upon us, it’s time to consider refreshing your home exterior to make it summer ready for all your family and friends. It also helps if you’re planning a few get-togethers during the summer months, so it’s nice to have a home that feels fresh and looks inviting. We’ve put together a quick and easy guide on how to refresh your home exterior on a budget. Whether you are a seasoned home exterior designer or a beginner, we’ve got you covered.

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With rising living costs, many of us are looking for ways to improve our homes without dipping into our dwindling wallets. Refreshing your home exterior doesn’t have to cost you the earth, as long as you are careful in your planning and you understand what you are really looking for. 

Our top tips for a refreshing exterior: 

    • Change up your house exterior by adding some hardwood cladding 
    • Mirrors will make your space seem much bigger – add them in! 
    • Choose cosy and comfy seating that invites everyone to relax 
    • Find the perfect patio area that gets the sun all-day

Give your home exterior a new lease of life

Home exterior designs are usually more fun to design as they are more flexible, as you can add a personal touch to them. Apart from working with hardwood cladding suppliers to find the perfect wall cladding, you can also opt for various home exterior designs such as garden, lawn and driveway. There are some surprising benefits to cladding your home exterior, and they extend further than making your outside space look brand new. Cladding is sustainable and can reduce your energy bills thanks to its heat retaining properties and sound insulation! 

Think about what you like to do when you are out in the garden. Do you use the space to relax and sunbathe? Are family and friends invited over for impromptu BBQs that end up as a giant water fight? The exterior of your home should work for what you need and be a multifunctional space that you can adapt as needed. We recommend designing a patio space first that is big enough for some sun loungers and somewhere you can have a great BBQ. Once you have your patio in place, you can start to think about plants and flowers that make your home exterior come alive with colour. 

Create a summer space for the whole family to enjoy

Summer is a great time to enjoy the sun and fresh air, get out of the house and spend time with family and friends. However, if your home exterior looks a bit tired and old, it may be putting off guests or deterring your neighbours from popping round for a coffee and a chat. Decorating your home exterior is not just about putting up benches, flowerpots and other objects. It is also about how you use your lawn. You can create a stunning effect with your lawn. This will improve the appearance of your house and add value to it.

We hope you have a wonderful summer, spending time with family and friends and relaxing in your refreshed outdoor space! 

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