5 Ways to Avoid Early Tyre Wear

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A new set of tyres is expensive, and once you have bought them, it is great to enjoy your driving experience once more with reduced noise, less vibration and a great deal more peace of mind that you will not suddenly suffer a puncture. You can take advantage of peaceful driving this holiday season; in areas such as London, Somerset or even Scotland to enjoy a scenic travel route.

Let’s take a look at five ways to keep your tyres in great condition for longer.


Drive Carefully ALL the Time

It can be tempting to relax once your new tyres are in place. They are sturdy and strong, sure to last a long time and drive a little faster, taking a few more chances seems like not too much of a problem. But this is false logic, and even though new tyres will stand up to a fair amount of abuse, you will be laying down trouble for the future as damage can begin to occur a long time before it is noticeable. Always drive with care and attention, adhering to the speed limit and avoiding rough or poorly maintained roads as much as possible. As well as being safer for you and other road users, this will ensure your tyres last a long time in good condition.


Buy the Best You Can Afford

Tyres come in three different levels of quality: cheap and cheerful budget tyres, regular tyres, and premium tyres. Let’s take a look at what this means:


  • Budget tyres: these tyres are mass manufactured and often made from slightly lower quality rubber. However, they must still adhere to basic road safety standards and so are a reasonable purchase if your budget will not allow too much expense.

  • Regular tyres: these tyres are often less noisy and run more smoothly than budget tyres. They are made from better quality rubber, and use newer technologies than those used to make budget tyres which help them to work well and last a good length of time.

  • Premium tyres: these tyres are cutting edge – they use the latest innovations in tyre design, the best quality, sustainably sourced rubber and are carefully crafted to keep you safe on the road and offer you an improved driving experience.

No matter which income bracket you are in, always buy the best quality that you can afford at the time. In order to make sure that you get your tyres in Stirling, you can book them with Fife Autocentre .


Alignment and Balancing

Wheel balancing and tyre alignment are two processes which have been greatly enhanced by modern methods. In the early days of motoring, it was more of an art, and the process could be time consuming as the mechanic used his (usually his, in those days!) experience and expertise to fine-tune the tyres. Today, it can be done completely accurately and in a matter of minutes by an apprentice thanks to computerised methods. Proper balance wheels (with all four wheels carrying an even load) and alignment (when all four tyres are exactly aligned to one another) can make an enormous difference to your ride – and prevent excess wear and tear on your tyres so they last longer.


Proper Inflation

Inflating your tyres to within the recommended range is an excellent way to help your tyres to stay in great condition for longer – and it is now the law, so it is an even better idea than ever to get into the habit of checking your tyre pressure levels once a month or so.


Tyre Rotation

Tyre rotation is a useful practice that allows your tyres to wear evenly over the span of their lifetime. Tyres tend to wear most on the outside edges and when they are fitted to the front of the car. Swapping the tyres from left to right and back to front, and vice versa, means that the less worn areas can then wear down to match the previously worn areas – this will result in you being able to use the tyres for much longer overall.

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