5 Tips for Staying Safe This Winter

Winter can present a range of safety problems, whether you’re out and about or at home. Let’s take a look at a few tips we might use to get through the season unscathed.

Stay Warm

With the price of energy being higher than it has been in recent years, many of us will be struggling to stay warm this winter. The problem is such that many boroughs in London and elsewhere are offering so-called ‘warm banks’ – which are basically public venues converted so that everyone can huddle around and keep warm.

If you’re at home, then wrapping up in blankets, gloves, and thermal underwear can make life much more comfortable and affordable. Quality long-sleeved vests will set you back just over a tenner, but if they last you through the winter, and a few more winters to come, they’ll make for a worthwhile investment.

Walking on Ice

Walking on any slippery surface can present a risk that you’ll fall. Make sure that you’re aware of the potential danger, and that you tread carefully. Choose footwear with heavy treads, and wear a heavy coat so that you don’t injure yourself when you fall. Treat the front of your premises with sand, salt and grit. If you do happen to take a fall, then look into who’s responsible – and have a personal injury lawyer on standby.

Driving on snow or ice

Winter presents challenges to road users of every sort. Make sure that your tyres are properly inflated, that your fluids are topped up, and that you’ve swapped to winter tyres where appropriate. You should also consider your driving behaviour, and account for the fact that your stopping distances will be substantially higher when the roads are wet and icy.

Driving through snow requires a particular skill, and possibly chains. If you don’t feel confident driving, it’s worth asking whether the trip is necessary. Check the weather warnings and drive accordingly.

Get your boosters

Viral infections and other health problems have an easier time spreading when the weather is cold. If you’re over fifty, pregnant, or have a relevant health condition, then you’ll be entitled to a free Covid-19 or flu booster. Take advantage of them.

Look after the vulnerable

The chances are good that you know someone who’s at increased risk from the cold this winter. Make sure that you’re regularly checking in with friends and family members, and that you’re intervening wherever you can make a difference. This might mean shovelling snow off a neighbour’s driveway, or it might mean making a donation to a charity whose work is especially valuable during winter. If you’re buying presents and struggling for inspiration, this might be especially helpful.

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