5 ways you can help your child succeed at school

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Every parent wants their child to do well in school. Even if it’s not about grades, it’s just about doing their very best. As a parent, you are first and foremost, their most important teacher; they’re going to take their attitude to learning from you. So, it’s no wonder many parents feel the pressure of wanting their child to succeed. Regardless of if you want your child to grow up to be a Dr or an astronaut, or you just want them to be happy and content with their school life – here are 5 ways you can help your child succeed at school, without being overbearing or piling on the pressure.

Get organised

As mentioned above; kids pick everything up from their parents, so make sure you have the right attitude when it comes to studies. You can make a start by having all the resources and stationary that they’re going to need. From pens and pencils to plenty of ink in the printer – check out this printer inks website for the latest prices on ink – lots of pads, and lined paper, notebooks for taking down important information, highlighters and not forgetting maths equipment like rulers, a scientific calculator etc. If the kids know they have everything they need, they’ll be encouraged to take the reins and study.

Communicate with the teacher!

Teachers these days are very different to the ones you and I probably had. Who were very strict and didn’t have the time for children who repeatedly struggled with math problems. At the earliest opportunity – or parents evening – make sure you speak to your child’s teacher about how eager you are to help them learn. The teacher will happily highlight areas that need a little more attention than others and can keep you updated on their progress in the classroom.

And your child…!

If your child struggles with a particular subject then make sure they understand that as long as they try their best and don’t give up, then that’s the most important thing. Make sure they know that their teacher is there to help and if they’re struggling, don’t hide away – speak to the teacher!

Make sure they get their homework done

Most children don’t enjoy homework. And more often than not it gets left in the bottom of their school bag and forgotten about until late Sunday night…so, make going through their school bag on an evening a ritual, and then make sure they get into the habit of completing their homework in good time.

Always be enthusiastic

They’ve just finished the end of their reading book? That’s great! They’re telling you all about the Industrial Revolution or an important author – amazing! Ask plenty of questions and get involved. Find out if there’s any extra research you could do together that your child could take into school the next day. As long as their trying hard and enjoying the learning process, it doesn’t matter if all the answers aren’t right. Always be positive and enthusiastic.

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