Keeping Wedding Costs From Spiralling: Our Tips For Modern Brides

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Planning a wedding on a budget and keeping on the right track can be difficult. Especially because it’s so easy to be tempted away from stick to it. However, there are some sure-fire ways to make sure you stick to the budget you’ve set to save yourself from falling into a money spiral. And trust us, once the spiral starts, it’s hard to stop. Here our a few tips for modern brides:

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    1. Give Yourself a Limit That You Won’t Cross: Giving yourself a little wiggle room if things get a bit more expensive than you first thought is a great idea to save yourself from any disappointment. However, if you do decide to do this, have a conversation with your partner and set a limit that you absolutely will not cross, to save yourself from spending too much of your wedding budget. This way, you can still have what you want, but you won’t be tempted to spend on things outside of your reach.


    1. Think of the Sacrifices That May Have To Be Made: When you go over your wedding budget in one area, that ultimately means that you’ll have to make a sacrifice elsewhere, because you can’t have everything you want if you aren’t going to stick to your budget. So, before you agree to go over your budget in one area, think about what you may have to give up elsewhere, and whether it’s worth it.


    1. Make a List of Must Haves: Whilst you’re putting your wedding budget together, it’s always a good idea to separate the list into must haves and then added extras if you have money left to spare. That way, when you’re in a situation where you may be tempted to spend more than you originally planned, you can refer to the list and decide whether the product is a must have or if it’s an added extra that you don’t need until you’ve secured everything that you need!


    1. Look Out For Offers and Discounts: Keep your eyes peeled for any special offers and discounts that wedding venues and suppliers may be offering. That way, you’ll possibly be underbudget, meaning you have extra money to spend elsewhere (maybe on that list of added extras you have hidden away). Being under budget is also great in case things go wrong and you have to purchase things last minute!


    1. Keep Track of all Expenses: To really keep on top of your budget, you need to track all of the expenses made, and when we say all, we mean ALL of them. You’d be surprised at how quickly those small, seemingly unnoticed expenses can add up. So, whenever you buy something, keep track of it, so you can keep track of how much money you have left to use for the remaining expenses!


Mostly every person who has budgeted for their wedding has fallen off the beaten a track a few times when it comes to overspending, it happens and that’s ok! As long as you’re able to ground yourself and bounce back from the fall downs, which we’re sure with these tips, you’ll have no issue doing. Happy Planning!



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