5 Themes to Follow when Designing your Bathroom

designing your bathroom

If you are designing your bathroom and are looking for some of the top interior design styles that are worth considering right now then we have you covered. Below you’ll find five of the top themes you can follow when giving your bathroom a completely new look!

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Urban jungle – create a jungle in your bathroom by using greenery! You can opt for real plants that thrive well in bathrooms as this will also help with any moisture and damp issues that bathrooms can often have. If real plants aren’t for you, then you can find so many high-quality artificial plants now that you will be spoiled for choice. Ikea has a great selection at the moment so it is always worth browsing there or heading to your local garden centre for the best choice.

Bright and bold – are you looking for something eye catching? Don’t be afraid to use bright and bold colours in your bathroom. Neon colours are surprisingly on trend right now and yellow is a really good colour for summer. It is also super stylish! You could paint the walls a brighter colour or add a pop of colour with eye-catching accessories like mirrors, soap holders and towel rails. Why not add brightly coloured tiles into your bathroom design?

Minimal – If you love a sleek and minimal design then there are so many ways to create the perfect bathroom. Start by thinking about your taps and accessories. Crosswater taps are the perfect bathroom luxuries as they are effortlessly stylish. White metro style tiles and white paintwork or light grey accents will leave your bathroom looking like a crisp, calm and modern haven where you’ll want to retreat!

Rose gold – Rose gold never seems to go out of fashion. The perfect way to add rose gold accents would be to update all of your accessories with this colour. You could look for a rose gold heated towel rail or rose gold plant stands with gorgeous greenery placed inside. If you have time, why not create a Pinterest board with all of your favourite accessories and styles. This makes it easy to look back and to see which interior style suits your home best.

Dark and dramatic – so many people are afraid to use dark and dramatic colours in smaller spaces. The truth is, they can sometimes look amazing! Painting your walls in an on-trend dark blue (or black if you’re feeling brave) will give your bathroom the wow factor. Lighten this up in certain areas with white or grey accessories. Ultra Violet was last years hottest colour and it is still being used in interior design now. Perhaps you could use this as inspiration?

Hopefully this article has been helpful if you are designing your bathroom? Feel free to comment below with your own tip sand tricks or leave us a message or send us a pic on social. We love to see what you guys are doing with your homes!

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