5 reasons to consider a cycling holiday

Have you been thinking about a cycling holiday for 2023 but are not sure if it’s for you? Here are five reasons why it could be a perfect adventure:


As fun as beach holidays can be, the lack of adventure and diversity isn’t for everyone. Arguably the biggest perk to opting for a cycling holiday is the variety you’ll experience throughout your time away.

There is the cycling itself plus the different landscapes you’ll get to soak in. You’ll also get to experience different cultures and learn about their histories, all within one holiday. This is ideal if you’re on the hunt for a holiday with a slightly faster pace than sunbathing.

Booking onto a cycling holiday in Europe could see you getting to experience the most rural backstreets and inner-city buzz, the best of both worlds. Going with a dedicated tour group will mean that you are guided by a local expert who will plan the routes to best showcase the location, meaning you can sit back and enjoy the ride (literally).


Most of us don’t go on holiday to get fit, but with a cycling holiday, this is an added benefit.

You don’t have to have raced in the Tour de France to consider a cycling holiday either, if you get enjoyment out of cycling and are comfortable with a range of distances then you’re good to go!

Cycling is not only great for your physical health but also very beneficial for your mental health. This means you can leave the holiday feeling refreshed, this is ideal if you are looking to really mentally unwind on your trip.


Whether you plan on holidaying alone, or with a group, a cycling holiday is a great way to meet new people with whom you already share an interest.

Touring a country with a group gives you the chance to really get to know them and allows you to enjoy the experience together. This could be perfect if you are seeking a solo holiday but are also keen to meet new people.

Cycling holidays also work really well if you’re planning on going with a group you already know and will allow you to grow even closer.


The damaging environmental impact of travel, both by flight and by car, is becoming an increasing concern for many of us. Thankfully, the impacts of a cycling holiday are far more kind to the environment. It may be that you can even start your holiday from your home, without the need to leave the country and drive anywhere before getting underway with your adventure.


No matter how hard we try, holidays can often become stressful, especially with the pressure of flight times. A cycling holiday allows you a greater sense of freedom than many holidays. You are able to explore new places and can adapt your route as and when you feel like it so that you can return to any hidden gems you might discover along the way.

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