14 Amazing Bucket List Worthy Travel Destinations

Need some inspiration for your bucket list travel destinations? Our blogger Hayley has put together an amazing round-up of some of her favourite places to add to your bucket list right now! Have you already visited some of these awesome places? Make sure you leave us a comment and tell us what you thought…


1 – Iceland

This is at the top of my personal bucket list, so I thought it was only fair to start with Iceland! There is so much to see and do in Iceland; the number one in my eyes is to watch the Aurora Borealis (AKA the Northern Lights). This natural phenomenon is an incredible natural light show in which lights the sky in an array of beautiful hues of green, purple and blue tones. Iceland is also the world’s most volcanic island which means it is also home to natural hot springs such as the famous Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik. If you want to try something different than feast your eyes on Hákarl, a fermented shark meat.


2 – New York

New York has a wealth of tourist based attractions from the Statue Of liberty to Times Square there is something to suit people of all ages. New York is the shopping and culinary capital of America. Central Park would be my first stop in New York, it covers a humongous 843 acres of land and also homes a statue of Alice In Wonderland. Central Park has been a part of many blockbuster films from Enchanted, The Smurfs, Elf and more. You will literally be walking through the scene of many Hollywood films. If you want to know more about the films shot in Central Park you can also book onto a Sunset Tour. One New Yorker delicacy I would like to try is a proper American Hot Dog from a street cart.


3 – Hawaii

Hawaii is the home to Punalu’u, an award winning black sand beach which is surrounded by crystal blue waters and palm trees. If you plan your bucket list visit between May and September you may also have the pleasure of seeing the hawksbill turtle which comes ashore to lay its eggs. Are you more of an adventurer? Why not check out Manta Ray Village and book in for a dive! An iconic Hawaiian Dish to try is Pipi Kaula a Hawaiian version of beef jerky which is dried until chewy.


4 – Canada

Grab a cowboy hat and a horse and head through the Rocky Mountains on horseback! With idyllic views of vast landscape and camping under the stars I couldn’t think of a better way to see the Rocky Mountains. If horse riding isn’t your thing check out the world class ski destinations for an action packed holiday. A food I would love to try in Canada is a comfort dish named Poutine which is widely available across the country it consists of curd cheese, thick gravy and fresh cooked chips.


5 – Fiji

One of the friendliest places in the planet, this is a great vacation for families! I would personally love to do sea-kayaking in Fiji! With crystal clear waters it means reef and fish can be easily found and what a better way to view the beaches than from a kayak in the sea. Want a romantic getaway? Check out Turtle Island a luxury resort with accommodation for just 14 couples! It even hosts 16 private beaches. A Fijian drink you must try is the traditional Grog which is made from the root of a Kava plant and is usually served in a halved coconut shell.


6 – Las Vegas

From bright lights, Vegas weddings, big shows – to the casinos this really is a place to let loose and party! If a wedding is what you want, Las Vegas can offer them. 30 venues fill the state from Elvis impersonators to Drive Thru weddings there is a quirky ceremony with most people in mind. The 24 hour casinos would be a place I would love to visit to see what all the hype is about. You won’t run out of restaurants either with an astonishing 4775 currently registered on Trip Advisor! The Blue Man Group looks like a fabulous family night out filled with colour, music and comedy. If you want a more relaxed activity you can also book helicopter flights over the Grand Canyon. I think if you are in Las Vegas you should be having champagne at every opportunity. Chin Chin!


7 – Mexico

Mexico is currently in my top 3 must visit destinations, since watching a programme about Dia De Los Muertes (Day Of The Dead) it has certainly stuck in my mind. Locals gather in the streets to celebrate the dead and they use sugar skulls, flowers and food to decorate graves of their loved ones. It ends with a celebration of dance and music with fantastic costumes and masks. Maya sites are also a must visit area in Mexico, steeped in history and culture it’s a must visit whilst in Mexico. Street food is also incredibly popular in Mexico with its vast ranges of tacos and tostadas.


8 – USA – Route 66

Whether you’re on a Harley Davidson or in a true American Muscle Car the Route 66 is the most iconic road trip in the world. Starting in Chicago and ending in Los Angeles there are over 2000 miles to discover on the way. It is recommended that you give the route 2-3 weeks to truly discover the sights on this trip. On the road trip you will pass through 8 states; California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. The 1st ever McDonalds also opened on route 66 in 1948!


9 – Florida

Walt Disney World is probably one of the most favorited bucket list destinations for families. Not only that there are also a pleather of other attractions such as Universal Orlando, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida Keys, Legoland, Gatorland, Epcot and more! Florida is a place where you need to visit for no less than a fortnight. It is a great vacation for an action packed holiday as there are so many places available to visit.


10 – Brazil

A country steeped in culture, food and drink this destination is a must visit! Christ The Redeemer is the countries famous 40 metre tall statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro, a truly magnificent sight. Want to view it from above? There are plenty of helicopter excursions which enable you to fly right over the statue and look down at the stunning coastline. If you are sporty, I recommend joining in with the locals for a game of beach volleyball a much loved pastime in Brazil. Rio Carnival is definitely an addition on my bucket list, with millions of people gathering in the streets, loud music, dancing, phenomenal costumes and performances, it is truly is a place to let your hair down and enjoy the moment.


11 – Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are made up of 3 islands; Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and Grand Cayman. The Cayman Islands are the perfect location to spot wildlife, from giant turtles to swimming with stingrays. Crystal caves are also a magical place to visit that are not only beautiful but contain a lot of local history from pirates hiding treasures amongst the stalagmites. You can also explore Barker’s Beach on horseback and even enter the water! Cayman Cuisine has Jamaican roots mixed in with British influences. You can expect plenty of dishes filled with plantain, coconut, yams, rice and peas.


12 – Kenya

Another destination I am desperate to explore is the Masi Mara National Reserve in Kenya! What an amazing way to see wildlife up close and personal. There is a diverse range of species from the big 5 – elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopards and Lions as well as gazelles, giraffe and zebra to name a few! Not only can you travel through the reserve by road you can also view from above by hot air balloon. For the adrenaline junkies there is the opportunity to do a sky dive local or staying with wildlife you can visit an elephant orphanage too.


13 – Australia

If there’s one way to travel in Australia it’s by Campervan, a leisurely way to see the sights in Australia it enables you to just park up for the night in a place of your choice. Follow Great Ocean Road for a gorgeous costal journey around Victoria. Australia is fantastic for back packing, with Byron Bay being a firm favourite with back packers from around the globe. If you’re a fan of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, you will be delighted to know you could try your own Australian Bush Tucker Trial with delicacies such as emu eggs and emblem (combination of emu and kangaroo). If you want something truly unique to Australia be sure to visit the Big Banana a 13m long concrete banana which is considered a national icon!


14 – Jordan

Wadi Rum in Jordan was featured in the classic Lawrence of Arabia it’s a stunning bucket list location which houses desert, sand valleys and canyons and is the perfect place to star gaze. A bonus of Jordan is that it is cheap to travel round which means you would be able to visit more places and see more of the country. Petra is what puts Jordan on the map; it was made famous by the Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade movie. For those of you who don’t know about Petra it is an ancient city which has been sculptured out of sandstone cliffs and there is also a monastery where you can sit and reflect. Like most Middle Eastern countries a traditional meal in Jordan is a Mezze which is a series of small dishes containing treats such as hummus, meats and bread.

I have only been able to cover a tiny amount of places to fulfil your bucket list, feel free to leave a comment and let us know where you would like to visit! You can also check out Hayley’s blog here.

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