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With the upcoming bank holiday on our mind today, we’re looking at some great ways to help get our skin ready for summer. With so many options out there that promise amazing results, it can be difficult to choose.  Here are just a few of the products we’ve tried (and absolutely loved) lately.

Get gorgeously glowing skin in just 3 minutes with the Yoso Compact. The Yoso Compact has four different levels, which ensures that deep cleansing can be tailored to each skin type and sensitivity. Expertly designed to work with your chosen cleanser or toner, this mini marvel uses ion technology to remove the built up daily dirt that can be lurking deep within your pores. Unique in its approach, the YOSO principle of ionic skin care technology uses positive and negative charged ions through electrical charges to help to draw out impurities, balance the skin and restore that all important moisture that gives skin its glow.

Yoso Compact Cleanser

We love how after use, skin is left feeling squeaky clean and feeling super soft.Just use on clean skin and attach a cotton pad via the innovative clip system . The rubber head delivers an invigorating cleanse, suitable for most skin types that can be used with your regular cleanser and toner. Yoso Compact – Deep Cleansing System RRP £59.99 available at

Footner - summer styled shot
Dry skin on your feet can be such a pain. With new improved Footner Exfoliating Socks you can have soft, supple feet in just a week. The new fast acting formula delivers a cosmetic peel twice as fast as the original – on average in seven rather than fourteen days.  It now takes only three days (or less) for the peel to start, followed by just four days of peeling to reveal perfect feet. As before, there is no filing, scraping or grating required – simply pre-soak feet in water, slip on the Footner Exfoliating Socks and relax for 60 minutes.

We’ve been using the Footner exfoliating socks every summer for a good couple of years years now and they are one of the most reliable ways to get your feet looking perfect for summer. The peeling stage can be a little annoying as you do need to resist picking at the skin, but when the payoff is baby soft feet without a costly visit to the Spa, it’s definitely worth it.


Bbraun Face High Res ImageBraun Face is another great gadget for those who want radiant skin. This 2-in-1 facial cleansing brush and epilation gadget is a fantastic tool for creating the perfect canvas so you can achieve your ideal make-up look.

Now available with a new collection of beauty brushes you can customise your skincare regime to reveal a flawless glow. Expect your complexion to look visibly smoother, fresher and beautifully flawless at the flick of a switch.

We love this product’s design and ease of use. It is perfect for summer skincare and the fact that you can switch up your brushes to fully customise what you require is a welcome bonus.

Great for the days when your skin feels a little bit sensitive! Braun Face RRP £69.99 / Braun Face Beauty Brushes RRP £14.99.

QFW Bikini with no berry icon high res392217_HIRES

Wilkinson Sword have some fabulous products for keeping your legs (and other areas) silky smooth in time for summer. Their Quattro bikini shaver is ideal for those who want to get bikini ready for their holidays. One of our favourite shavers to use this month though has been the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk. This is perfect for when you need to shave your legs quickly and easily. You’ll find that your skin feels silky smooth after use and the shaver is well designed, giving plenty of grip when you need it most. Needless to say, we’re absolutely loving them!

Disclaimer: please note that unless otherwise stated some items featured have been provided on a review basis.

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