5 Reasons Men Should Wear Pearls This Year

Why shouldn’t men wear pearls? Of course, there is no reason men should not wear this elegant and regal gem. Celebrities like Harry Styles and ASAP Rocky have boldly donned pearl jewellery.

Several other male celebrities and athletes have also adorned themselves with pearls. Many fashion brands have also offered pearls in various styles, further elevating the allure of these gemstones as a staple for all genders and ages.

If you are wondering why men should wear pearls this year, this article will explain why you should add this timeless staple to your collection.

Five reasons men should wear Pearls

To stay up with the latest fashion trends

In today’s trend, many men wear pearls on bracelets or necklaces. It is not strange to see various male celebrities and models donning this gemstone, from the runways to the Grammys.

Due to the versatility of these gemstones, pearls can be incorporated into your outfits with any accessory. For example, you can wear it as a bracelet or a cufflink with your jackets or shirts, adding a trendy and luxurious element to your style.

Pearls have deep symbolic meanings.

Historically, pearls have held different deep symbolic meanings and properties for various cultures.

The pearl’s nature—a smooth and lustrous appearance—has made this gemstone associated with purity. It is also a symbol of purity, innocence, and modesty and is often worn by brides on their wedding day.

Though pearls are often associated with femininity, they are also associated with masculinity and power. Throughout history, many nobles and influential individuals, regardless of gender, have embraced pearls, adding their allure to their looks. Warriors also wore it in ancient times as protection from harm.

Peals can style any contemporary wear.

Men should wear pearls because this gemstone can effortlessly be incorporated into any outfit, enhancing its overall look.

For example, you can wear any variety of Tahitian pearl necklaces with your casual and formal outfits to give your style a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Pearls can be paired with a casual style; pair them with a denim jacket, a white t-shirt, and jeans to complete the stylish look. You can wear it as pearl cufflinks and a necklace with your business attire; pair it with a tailored suit for a professional and sophisticated look.

Pearls are versatile accessories for any contemporary outfit, adding an elegant and unique touch to your style.

Men have been wearing pearls historically.

Yes, one other reason you should start wearing pearls is that men have been wearing pearls historically throughout various cultures. Several civilizations, like the Persians and Romans, have shone with men adorning themselves in pearls to display power and wealth.

In ancient Rome, pearls were highly prized and used mainly by elites. Wealthy men wore different types of pearls, earrings, and pearl-encrusted crowns to show their social status.

During the Renaissance, aristocrats wore pearl adornments, like pearl-embroidered clothing and accessories, and elegant gemstones to showcase their status and enhance their appearance.

To challenge the concept of masculinity

If you want to remove the usual male stereotype, one way to challenge the traditional notions of masculinity is by adding pearls to your jewellery collection.

Throughout history, pearls have always been seen as jewellery for women and associated with femininity. But with the evolution of fashion, so have contemporary perspectives about adorning this gemstone. Today, men are exploring fashion choices and going against traditional norms.

By incorporating pearls into their style, men break out of the stereotype and add an elegant and unique style to their outfits. It also breaks down the rigid wall that separates both genders, bringing more understanding of masculinity.

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