Ethical jewellery trends in 2023

It’s no secret that the jewellery industry hasn’t always been the most sustainable. Increasing amounts of people are starting to make more eco-friendly choices with regards to their purchases, and new pieces of jewellery are no exception.

Brands are becoming more aware of their customers’ sustainable shopping habits and striving to meet changing expectations. We’ll be looking at this year’s ethical jewellery trends and how brands are making a difference.


Jewellery companies have started to look at the ways in which gemstones and other precious materials are being mined. Sustainability strategies are now calling for more responsible methods.

As an alternative, some jewellers are opting for lab-grown gemstones that provide the same visual appeal as their natural counterparts. Others have switched to working with suppliers who have relevant certifications from fairtrade organisations to ensure that their workers are treated fairly.

Gemstones are incredibly precious regardless of how they were originally sourced and therefore, it could be worth thinking about jewellery insurance if you’re investing in gemstones for your next piece of jewellery.


Sustainably sourced gold and other valuable metals have become a priority in the jewellery industry, due to increased searches for jewellery made from ethical or recycled materials.

Eco-conscious people are looking to buy from brands that place sustainable values at the forefront of their business. It also feels more special to own a piece of jewellery that has been ethically sourced, meaning that customers can feel good for doing their bit for the planet.


Pearls are timeless, always delivering class and elegance. Still hot on-trend, the pearl necklace can be worn with a number of beautiful outfits during both day and night.

This gem is naturally derived from molluscs. However, these creatures typically die when they’re opened up for pearls to be extracted. If you’re vegan, you can choose glassbead faux pearls as a stylish but environmentally conscious alternative.


More consumers are seeking unique and personal pieces, which means that handmade jewellery is an ever-growing ethical trend.

Handmade pieces are often carefully crafted using sustainable materials and techniques. Supporting small, independent businesses also benefits the environment, as they typically use localised supply chains and only buy the materials that they need.


Switching to sustainable packaging can significantly reduce a company’s environmental impact. In an attempt to implement eco-friendly practices across production processes, many jewellers are now opting for biodegradable packing, which will also help to reduce their carbon footprint.

This packaging produces fewer emissions and less waste. It also means that less energy is used throughout production – and it’s something for which customers are increasingly keen.

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