3 Amazing Travel Destinations To Consider This Summer

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Whilst we might not be planning a big family holiday this year (our house renovations are still taking president at the moment) – that hasn’t stopped me thinking about what travel destinations I want to jet off to next and places I’ve been before but would love to re-visit. Here are three of my current top picks!

New York – I wrote about my love affair with New York a little while ago and despite having been there twice, I would return in a heartbeat. If you are considering taking a trip to NYC then I would urge you to take the plunge and just go for it. The atmosphere in the city is unlike anywhere else and you’ll never want to come home! We have always taken our trips in August to coincide with my husband’s birthday. Nothing beats walking around the city streets in the summer sunshine, just taking it all in.

Granted, a trip to New York is not going to be one of the best budget friendly travel destinations but it is definitely worth saving for. Try to keep an eye on ticket prices and research the cheapest time to go. Hotels often have discounts or offers on and if you check places like Expedia you can find some really good deals.

Remember to pack comfortable shoes. Trainers are a must-have – don’t bother with fancy heels if you plan on walking to see the sights, instead save them for your evening outfits. We found that walking from block to block was the absolute best way to see everything NYC has to offer. The subway is surprisingly easy to master too so don’t be intimated, it will save you a whole heap of cash in cab fares.

Paris – Paris hasn’t had the best reputation lately for travel but it is a place I would love to return to. We visited about 10 years ago as part of a family trip and nothing compares to the beauty of wandering the cobbled streets or the moment you catch your first glimpse of the Eiffel tower.

There are so many things to do in Paris and the flights from the UK are fast and simple, especially when you make the most of Cyllenius Travel Services’ airport transfers from Liverpool to Manchester. Getting to Paris is just as easy via the Eurostar as it is to fly, just remember to look out for their offers as you can bag yourself some seriously cheap seats if you book at the right time.

If it is your first time in Paris I would highly recommend visiting the Moulin Rouge, even if you just grab a picture outside. It’s kind of iconic! Take a stroll along the Seine and walk from one end of the city to another. You’ll find lots of things to do along the way and it is so romantic. Of course, no visit to Paris would be complete without capturing a picture in front of the Eiffel tower or making your way to the top for some spectacular views. If you want the best views of Paris ever though, head to the Sacre Coeur and you’ll see it all!

New Orleans – New Orleans is somewhere I’ve never been but would love to go someday. So many of my favourite movies and TV shows have given New Orleans an air of magic for me and I would love to visit. I would definitely spend my days roaming the French Quarter and eating and drinking all of the delicious local treats.

A boat ride along the Bayou is something I’ve always wanted to do too. The humidity in the summer can be pretty unbearable at times though so I think choosing a good time of year to travel is going to be important when we get around to booking this trip. Have you been? Let me know in the comments or on social!

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