10 Most Reliable (And Stylish!) Phone Cases

Our phones stay with us way longer than we would like to admit, and as they are always in our hands, they become our most seen accessories, or at least they could become ones. However, protection is still the critical feature everyone is looking for when picking the phone case, and those wallet cases are not always that good-looking.

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But as the world of phone cases is constantly expanding, new, stylish, and protective cases appear, and not sacrificing the fashion for protection becomes easier. We searched and found 10 phone cases that will make your cellphone your best accessory while keeping it safe.

No more impossible choices here!

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 Case

In color Chefs Special, the case will add a touch of dark edginess to your style. As the name suggests, it is a wallet case but is nothing like those flip covers. The case fits 3 cards and some cash for easy access and allows you to keep that chunky wallet at home. The grip improving sides will help you keep your phone in hand, so no more accidental falls.

Spigen Liquid Air Case

Although this model only has two colors to choose from, this case combines a slim frame with shock-absorbing protection, creating a perfect case for those who like how their phone feels in their hand just the way it already is. The etched diamond-shaped pattern does not scream high fashion, but it offers that all-time classical feel.

Presidio Perfect-Clear Case with Grips

Keeping with the simplistic designs, this case is clear but will help you to keep the phone safely in your hand. Also, if you are already proud of how your sleek phone looks, the clear case might be exactly what you want. However, the way the grip pattern is added to the case creates an eye-catching look.

Pella Clear Case

Keeping your phone safe while also helping the planet… Why not. Sustainability is always in fashion; therefore, choosing Pella will make your phone protection fashionable and sustainable. Their clear selection comes with various printed options; therefore, you will find the case that will fit your style the best with ease.

Burga Tough Case

The company is fashion-driven and has over 100 designs for your phone. From modern patterns to ones that look like they just left the fashion show, you are guaranteed to find a stylish phone case fitting your lifestyle. Also, the tough case has double-layer protection providing all sides coverage, with the inner silicone layer. At the same time, the hard-shell outer layer keeps your phone safe from all those falls while also adding that fantastic design to your phone. You will quickly turn your phone into a fashion icon with Burga.

Woolnut Leather Case

High-quality leather that comes in four colors will surely add that touch of luxury to your device. The Scandinavian leather will only improve with use, developing a patina that can not be replicated, meaning that it reacts to your touch and will look better over time instead of wearing down, creating a long-lasting investment.

Tech21 Evo Art Modern Camo Case

Featuring an exclusive modern take on the forever stylish camo print, the case fits perfectly with the iPhone creating a 10 ft drop protection, which should be enough unless you decide to jump from a plane or something like that. However, if street-inspired fashion is your go-to, this case will not only keep your phone safe but will also fit into your aesthetic without any issues.

Casetify Grip Case

This series focuses on keeping the phone in your hand, which prevents the fall in the first place. Also, the variety of designs will allow finding the perfect match fitting your style and wardrobe. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the cases are coated in DEFENSIFY antimicrobial coating that eliminates up to 99% of bacteria. The world is still in a pandemic mode, so that is helpful.

Caseology Parallax Series Case

The case comes in 4 colors, but the functional 3D design adds that sophisticated and modern look. The classical colors enhance the phone’s natural beauty while adding a little extra touch. This case will protect your phone from falls, scratches, and, let’s say, disappointment. It may not be fashion show-worthy, but it has those eye-catching qualities.

Ted Baker Anti-Shock Case

The clear case that showcases your natural phone beauty while enhancing it with a fashionable flower pattern will indeed look good on your iPhone. The case allows using all the buttons and ports with ease. It also provides shock-absorbing protection for your phone. Without that much additional bulkiness, the carefully crafted design will make your phone your best accessory.

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