10 Amazing Things To Do in Uganda

Uganda is one of those countries you probably wouldn’t think of as your first choice when you are looking for you next holiday and for that reason it is still a hidden gem. I fell in love with Uganda from the moment we hit the tarmac in Entebbe. You fly directly over Lake Victoria and land just metres from its shores. The view from the aeroplane is mind-blowing, I went in May and wasn’t quite prepared for the vast areas of green amongst the villages.

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Wildlife is one of Uganda’s unique selling points, we stayed in Jinja close to the source of the Nile and we had the privilege to share our breakfast most mornings with wild monkeys something most people can only dream of. We also came across many cranes, various birds and even a Nile Monitor which was spectacular! If you want to see more wildlife, you can also go Gorilla Trekking in Northern Uganda or check out the Ugandan Safaris too.



One of the most beautiful parts of Uganda is the source of the Nile at Jinja. Treat yourself to a boat ride where you can cruise up Lake Victoria right to the source of the Nile. During our trip was where we saw most of our wildlife from our time out there.

Alongside the lake you also can get a real sense of Ugandan Life as many of the areas are inhabited by local fisherman. We even got to see two young men fishing from their boats using recycled Fanta bottles and fishing line.

The food is extraordinary whether you are in the more tourist areas or you are eating in the local restaurants make sure you try Ugandan food! The Nile Tilapia is one of the most common catches from the Nile and tastes divine in batter, this is coming from someone who usually doesn’t eat fish!

Another firm favourite from my trip was a street food called Rolex, this consists of a chapatti filled with eggs cooked with cabbage, onion and tomato. I adored it that much I tried recreating it in England, but it certainly didn’t taste half as good as the true Ugandan Rolex!


My top 10 things you must do whilst in Uganda are:

1) Try a traditional Ugandan Rolex from a street vendor.
2) Go up North to the Bwindi Forest National Park and get up close to the majestic Uganda Gorillas in their natural habitat.
3) Set sail on Lake Victoria towards the source of the Nile, take in your surroundings and if you time it right you can watch the sunset over the lake.
4) Drink their locally brewed beer, my favourite is Club.
5) Get to know the locals! My reason for travelling to Uganda was part of a charity playscheme and the memories of the children and adults will stay with me forever!
6) Just sit back and take it all in, find a spot and just breathe it all in, the heat, the sun, the people, the animals and the atmosphere.
7) Are you an adrenaline junkie? Give whitewater rafting a go!
8) Pick up some artwork! There are loads of souvenir shops in the bigger towns which sell a variety of handmade goods, the art work is stunning and displays a range of themes from the local people to their culture and Ugandan wildlife.
9) Visit Murchison Falls National Park for even more natural beauty.
10) If you want to see more wildlife check out Queen Elizabeth National Park for the full safari experience.

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