How Garden Design Reflects your Personality

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We all know that the style and feel of the interior design is a commentary on our personality, but did you know your garden tells a thousand stories about you too? Rattan Direct talk us through what garden design choices say about us.

The garden is an extension of the home and by default means the green and outdoor space of the garden or backyard is an extension of our personality.
We all have likes and dislikes, something that shines through should an objective person examine the inside of our homes. For the new or inexperienced gardener, putting their stamp on the garden can be a little more difficult.
Taking three key personalities, we apply them to the best kind of garden design that matches them.

Disclaimer – this is not an article based on anything remotely close to science but rather a whimsical look at how we can match our common personality traits to creating a pretty outdoor space we can manage and enjoy.


There are some people who seem to have an almost alien-like ability to run their very busy lives along straight lines. Nothing seems to fall out of place, they are unfazed by anything and their ability to remain uber-organised under pressure is frankly breathtaking. If you like everything with a place and everything in its place, then you gardening abilities are best matched by;

Foundation shrubs – choose evergreen shrubs to form the backbone of any flowering border. That way, you have colour all year round.
Minimise flower beds, maximise the lawn – anyone who likes order in the midst of chaos will enjoy a vast expanse of lawn that is simple and easy to keep green and lush.
Colour with baskets – for someone exhibiting the ability to be uber-organised, they will no doubt have scheduled time for creating stunning hanging baskets in spring. Simply water, deadhead pansies and the like to continue with colour to the summer’s end.

In effect, the simplicity of this kind of garden belies the planning and organisation that goes into it. However, the garden is designed to be fit for purpose and with everything in its place, there is a pleasant cohesion and balance to the garden of someone whose overriding character traits are organisation and efficiency.


How do you buy items for your home? Are they considered purchases, or do you have a vague idea of what you would like and when you see ‘it’, you shout eureka and make the purchase?
If so, your gardening traits are far more abstract than an organised, efficient person. Create the perfect garden for you by;

Wide flower border – because you like detail, with wider flower beds you can layer plants. Tall at the back, then mid-height and smaller shrubs and perennials at the front. You are a lover of texture and layering after all!
Colourful glazed pottery – and don’t just stick to pretty, coloured glazed plant pots either. When you see the perfect glazed garden sculpture, go for it and give it a home in your garden, a riot of colour and detail.
Flashy plants, bold colours – no matter what the season, you need some level of exuberance to your garden and in the main planting seasons of spring and summer, and a touch of autumn too, there is no denying that flashy blooms and colourful plants are the way forward. In winter, opt for solar lights.
In effect, it is the hidden detail in this garden that makes it the ideal outdoor space for someone who likes ‘things and stuff’.

Are you LAID BACK?

With more than a touch of wanderlust, do you enjoy being carried by the breeze to fun, new places? If so, your complete lack of formality will mean a garden that is ideal for you looks like this;

Meadow inspired – can you think of anything better than your fingertips brushing against delicate meadow flowers in the sunshine? If not, then invest in native meadow seeds and let them settle into the soil wherever the wind carries them in your garden. Sit back, welcome all kinds of native plants (and a few weeds) and bees back to your garden.
Natural shrubs – coiffured conifers are not the ideal backdrop to your garden. Instead, choose native shrubs, ideally suited to our changeable climate. Let them grow, keeping them pruned to strengthen their growth habits.

Tried and tested colour schemes – even for those us touched with more than a hint of the lackadaisical, there is a need for some kind of order in the garden which usually comes in the form of coloured banks of flowers. Keep sun-worshipping yellow, red and orange blooms together and cooler shades of blue and purples in shadier corners.
Most native species of plant thrive when they are less designed, allowed to flourish under their own devices and in their own good time. Relaxed and informal are two ways a garden for the laid-back gardener can be described.
How does your garden grow?

For any gardener and family, Rattan Direct understand how getting the right garden furniture is key to successful garden design. Follow them on Twitter for their latest deals and competitions.

Disclaimer: Written in association with Rattan Direct. 

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