Travelling solo? Check out these safety tips

travelling solo

We all know someone that’s gone travelling, we all know how incredible it sounds and what an amazing, life changing experience it can be. If you can go with friends – amazing, if you can go with someone you love – even better. But what about travelling solo?

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The idea of discovering the world alone either excites or terrifies but you’ll be surprised at home many people jump straight in at the deep end and head off solo. But isn’t travelling solo dangerous? Well, that all depends on your attitude towards personal safety. If you’re looking for safety tips for your solo travel adventure, then read on for a little inspiration.

Your insurance

First things first. Regardless if you’re travelling with friends, a partner, in a group or alone, you should never travel without insurance. Your travel insurance will come in handy if your luggage is lost or your flight is cancelled, but your medical insurance will cover things like injuries, broken bones, illness, medication and transportation to hospital. For more information on travel insurance, check out UHC SafeTrip international medical insurance.

Before you leave

A safe travelling experience begins well before you step foot in the airport. If you’re travelling solo then research is everything. You can quickly be taken advantage of if you don’t know the value of the currency, could fall ill if you’re not aware of food ingredients of sanitary information, or had the correct vaccinations. Research can stop you from wandering into dangerous areas and potentially clashing with unsavoury people.

Plan to arrive in daylight

Most travellers head straight to their accommodation when they reach their destination, so arriving in the morning or mid-afternoon is key to seeing what the area you’re staying in is really like. It’ll also help you get your bearings and hopefully get there safely, using a registered cab and/or the correct bus! Plus, if your accommodation isn’t what you’d hoped, you’ll have time to make other arrangements.

Study a map of the area BEFORE you get there

You can research a new town or city before you leave by getting used to maps of the area. You could even check it out on Google Street View, so you know what to expect and what you might see. Don’t think of it as “spoiling the spontaneity” or the “magic” of travelling, these are things you can do to keep yourself safe!

Always listen to your intuition

Whether you’re in the local market, the park, a bar or even a café, if something doesn’t feel right then trust your instincts and leave. Walk with purpose, and if you feel in immediate danger, head into a shop, or restaurant and ask for help.

Never leave a public place

It’s easy to get whisked away by someone promising you cheap tours of the city, showing you the best new bar in town. Or asking you to help their friend…whatever happens, never leave a public place to follow someone. It’s just not worth it.

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