Yankee Candle Riviera Escape

Yankee Candle Riviera Escape

If you are looking for candles and home fragrances that will help bring the scent of summer inside then the new Yankee Candle Riviera Escape collection could be right up your street. It features four alluring new summer fragrances that capture the spirit of the Riviera, from leisurely sea breezes and heady florals to enticing fruits and herbal notes. In short, they’re bloomin’ gorgeous!

Sea salt and sage yankee candle

Sea Salt and Sage Yankee Candle

Let’s start with my absolute favourite from the Yankee Candle Riviera Escape collection. The Sea salt and sage is absolutely stunning and reminds me of my favourite Jo Malone Scent of the same name. I burn this in the office on summer evenings and it is divine!

Sea salt and sage yankee candle

The scent of warm and inviting sage mingles with the clean, fresh scent of sea salt and evokes the memory of summer beach walks in the evening when everything is just cooling off and the sea air is fresh and crisp. Absolute perfection!

olive and thyme yankee candle

Olive & Thyme Yankee Candle

This is a fresh, herbal scent from the Mediterranean coast with olive leaf, citrus and musk. The colour in the jar itself is amazing and will match perfectly with this season’s gold and pastel accessories.

Yankee Candle

Riviera Escape Yankee Candle

A coastal scent of glistening promenade, full with hillsides of beautiful blossoms glowing in the sunshine. This is pure summer in candle form and makes for a fabulous candle for burning during the day to add a summery scent to your home!

Yankee candle summer peach

Summer Peach Yankee Candle

Ripe peaches straight from the orchard, warmed by the sun and begging for that first juicy bite! Now this is actually my least favourite of the Yankee Candle Riviera collection but both my husband and my teenage daughter have picked it as one of their all time favourites! If you like scents that are slightly sweeter then you will fall head over heels with this one.

The small jars you see above are priced at £8.99. Available from www.yankeecandle.co.uk

Disclaimer: please note that unless otherwise stated some items featured have been provided on a review basis.

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