4 reasons why you should upgrade to a combi boiler

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Are you still at the mercy of your conventional boiler? A conventional boiler requires two units in your home, one to feed your taps with hot water and the other to maintain high levels of water pressure and water to your radiators and heaters.

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Hot water isn’t instant, and if you run out of hot water then you’ll have to wait a substantial amount of time for your hot water tank to heat up again. When you run a busy household, you need your heating and hot water systems to work in tandem and provide you with what you need at the turn of a tap or the flick of a switch.

This is where combi boilers come in. Switching to a combi boiler will not only make your heating and hot water systems much more efficient, but it could save you money and make running a busy household much easier. Read on to discover 4 reasons why you should upgrade to a combi boiler.

Hot water on demand

Trying to get ready for work in the morning is difficult enough when you’re running a busy household. But getting in the shower only to find that your children have run off the hot water, or the hot water you have stored has gone cold overnight is a nightmare you could do without. This is the reality for families or smaller households who have a traditional, conventional boiler system. When you switch to a combi boiler you get hot water on demand. So, no more racing to the shower in the morning, or waiting for the water to heat up so you can wash the dishes!

Boost your EPC rating

Your EPC rating, or energy performance certificate, rates your heating system and the overall performance of your home. When you install a combi boiler you’ll improve your rating, which is not only better for saving money on your energy but if you intend to sell your home in the future, it could make your home more attractive to prospective buyers when compared to an outdated heating system and a poor energy rating.

They save you money!

One of the biggest pros of having a combi boiler is the money it saves. If you’re a household that is living on a tight budget or you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy bills, then making the switch to a combi boiler could help a lot. Heating water on demand rather than keeping a constant supply of hot water will certainly save you money and improves the efficiency of your heating systems by around 90%.

Your water is directly from the mains

When you have a conventional boiler, your cold water is stored in your tanks. When you have a combi boiler, you get it directly from the mains supply, which means your water hasn’t been sitting in a tank for days, building up bacteria and potential toxins.

Final thoughts…

If you’re thinking about switching to a combi boiler, reach out to iheat.co.uk.

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