The must have accessories to make a stunning kitchen

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They say it’s the accessories that make an outfit, and the same can be said for a kitchen. A brand-new kitchen with pretty cabinets and sparkling worktops isn’t complete without the right accessories.

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But working out what to include and what to leave out is a big decision. What exactly makes an accessory a must-have? Is it style or is it function? The honest answer is probably a balanced mix of both. And here’s some of the top kitchen accessories that do just that:

Multi-functional water tap

What’s a new kitchen without its gadgets? While some are gimmicky and won’t stand the test of time, others are really useful additions. And a tap that can dispense filtered and boiling water is definitely a plus. It also means your worktop doesn’t need to be cluttered with a filter jug and kettle. So, it’s win-win.

You may also fancy a tap with a flexible spout and pull-down spray to make life even easier. And you may go for a high-end finish in matt black, shiny brass or brushed steel. But whatever you decide on, a multi-functional tap is certainly a must-have.

Stylish stand mixer

Who hasn’t enjoyed the whole Great British Bake Off phenomenon? It’s turned many of us into avid bakers. And a stand mixer is an essential bit of kit for producing tasty cakes, bread and more.

So, no new kitchen is really complete without a stylish-looking stand mixer. You’ll no doubt want the best kitchen stand mixer on the market. A well-made version with variable speeds and a good selection of attachments. But it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing, such as a cool contemporary or colourful retro number, to fit in with your kitchen.

Coordinating cookware

One thing that makes a kitchen look good and function properly is having good quality cookware that coordinates beautifully with the rest of your kitchen. A hodgepodge of pots, pans and utensils will look out of place in a sleek new kitchen and will need to be hidden away. Whereas coordinated cookware can be displayed on shelves or hung from racks to add to the style of the kitchen.

You don’t need to have everything matching, however. You could go for a traditional theme of copper pans and utensils paired with wooden chopping boards and classic white crockery.

Barista-style coffee machine

Being able to pour your favourite coffee at home is always a good thing. Whether it’s to wake you up in the morning or perk you up in the afternoon, having a coffee machine in the kitchen is one of those luxuries you’ll appreciate every day. And if you’ve got friends and family popping around regularly, it’s even more useful.

What you will need to make sure of, is that the machine can produce your favourite style of coffee and is easy to maintain. So, it may not need all the bells and whistles, but a pull-out drip tray and descaling function could be indispensable.

Beautiful bin

No one likes rubbish. And a smelly old bin will bring your lovely kitchen down. So, get yourself a designer beauty.

With recycling top of the agenda these days, one with handy compartments to sort your rubbish is a good idea. And a removable bucket for the easy transfer of waste and a soft close lid are nice features to have. But whatever you go for, look for one that fits the style and colour of your cabinets, so it blends in attractively with the décor rather than sticking out.

Lots of greenery

No room is complete without plants. And that includes the kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is perfect for many plants. Plus, they make any space feel more natural and homely.

You could have a little herb garden on the windowsill. Or trailing plants hanging over the top of your cabinets to take away the sharp look of the edges. Ferns and trailing ivy are good options for corners where there’s not so much natural light. While aloe vera and peace lily plants are perfect for purifying the air in brighter spots.

Washable rug

It can sound a little crazy to lay a rug in a kitchen. But there’s a lot of reasons that rugs have become the must-have accessory for kitchen areas. For starters, a rug can soften a hard floor. And they’re a great way to add an extra splash of colour and pattern.

Of course, it needs to be practical. So, a washable rug is a must. And if it hasn’t got a rubberised backing, then adding a non-slip gripper underneath will stop it becoming a trip hazard. But otherwise, a rug is perfect for transforming a standard kitchen into a super stylish room.

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