Why Your Family Should Get a Holiday Let Property in a Historic English Town

England is full of beautiful quaint traditional towns immersed in the long, rich history of the nation. Getting a holiday property with the intention of letting it out to guests and holidaymakers can be a bright idea and a decision that you will not regret making. Read on to find out more in the brief guide we have come up with on why your family should get a holiday let property in a historic English town.

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The number of holiday let mortgages available in the UK has increased in recent times due to lenders becoming more confident about staycations going ahead in the summer months.

An Extra Source of Income and a Wise Investment Opportunity

When you have a large family, budgeting and finding extra sources of income wherever you possibly can is always of paramount importance. Holiday let properties can be a great source of additional income and a sound investment for your family.

Loads Of Popular Locations Can Be Profitable

Getting a holiday let property in a popular, well-known English town will make it far easier to market to customers. It will help to attract tourists and visitors from all over the country and the globe to stay in your holiday let. English towns such as Bath, Winchester, Salisbury, Warwick, Stratford-Upon-Avon, to name a few, are popular with visitors seeking a quieter, more relaxing tourist experience away from the bright lights and the hustle and bustle of the major English cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, and Liverpool.

So, when choosing where exactly you want to buy a holiday let, you should go for an English town popular with tourists and visitors. Not only will it be a better financial investment as you will be able to generate more income through lots of guests continually paying to stay there throughout the year, but also for a property to be deemed as a holiday let by HMRC it must be let out to people as furnished accommodation for a minimum of 210 days over the calendar year. If you are keen to find out more about how you can get a mortgage for your holiday let, you may want to take a look at House and Holiday Home Mortgages.

An Opportunity for a Nice Break

Inevitably, your holiday let will require maintenance throughout the year in order to look spic and span for guests. Failing to keep the property in top condition with good quality furnishings may lead to you receiving negative customer reviews online and be detrimental to your holiday let business.

Although you can pay to employ maintenance staff to look after and deal with the more minor issues with your holiday let property, such as cleaning, gardening, and so on, for a significant issue in the property such as a roof leaking, you may want to visit it in person. Getting a holiday let in a pleasant traditional English town will make the time you spend visiting the property an excellent experience and a great getaway break from the franticness of your family home.

Tax Relief with Holiday Let Mortgages

Another advantage of holiday let mortgages is you can claim tax relief on the mortgage interest, and this is because they are viewed as a business by the tax authorities in the UK. So, why not invest your money in buying a holiday let in a historic English town?

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