Why Baltimore Is A Must-Visit City For Sports Fans

If you’re into sports and want to travel to the U.S., then we would recommend visiting Baltimore. The city located on the East Coast is relatively close to many other big cities but attracts people from all over the country as a sporting venue. 

What makes Baltimore special for sports lovers? Let’s take a look. 

A Choice Of Stadiums

Baltimore might not be the biggest city in the U.S., but it provides a wealth of sports venues from which to choose. 

Top of the list has to be the M&T Bank Stadium. This venue is home to the Ravens and is located at 1101 Russell Street. Go here to watch football. 

You might also want to check out the Oriole Park at Camden Yards, which is home to the Orioles, or Pimlico Race Course, home of Preakness Stakes at 5201 Park Heights Avenue. All the venues offer a fantastic atmosphere, especially when close to capacity. 

A History Of Lacrosse

For many Baltimore is the lacrosse capital of the world, thanks to its history with the sport. Incredibly, the city organized its first lacrosse game all the way back in 1877, with many stars flocking to the conurbation to play the game today. 

The most accomplished lacrosse program in college sports was started by the Johns Hopkins University Blue Jays. It is still going and holds more than 44 championships to its name.

Driving lacrosse’s popularity in Baltimore was the likes of Kyle Harrison. He had a certain style with the ball that made every child in the city want to emulate him. 

A Basketball Heritage

Baltimore is also a city with a rich basketball heritage, which probably became popular because of the prevalence of lacrosse in the city. While it doesn’t have a professional basketball team of its own, the city is still passionate about the game and has the sport deeply ingrained in its culture. People simply expect you to know the details of the game. 

Baltimore’s basketball blues began in 1973 when the local Baltimore Bullets left for nearby Washington D.C. The move left a vacuum in the city, but other organizations began to fill it. Over time, the city’s public and Catholic schools gained prominence, and by the 1990s, many of their triumphs were legendary tales told among basketball circles. Now the NBA regularly scouts for talent in the city, looking for players to join the big leagues. 

If you travel to Baltimore, you can enjoy streetball as part of the Free Smoke Tour. This experience lets you experience one-on-one basketball with experienced players who put you through your paces. 

The Sports Bars

Finally, you might want to check out Baltimore’s many sports bars if you travel to the region. These regularly put on games, including the Superbowl, NBA matches, and baseball. Locals love watching games on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but it can also be fun to join them for evening fixtures if you can’t find anywhere to go for a live in-person match.

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