Why Autumn is the Perfect Time to Revamp your Wardrobe

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Autumn, traditionally, is a time of change. That’s so for the weather, as well as for the clothes we wear to deal with it. When you’re making new additions to cope with the coming ice and snow of winter, you may as well take stock of your existing items, and see which of them can be consigned to the bin (or to the charity shop). Let’s take a look at why now is the season for a wardrobe audit!

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Second Lockdown might be on the Way

It’s not the scenario any of us were really looking forward to. But a second lockdown is certainly possible, particularly if infection rates continue to rise. If it happens, then you’ll have plenty of time in which to lay out clothes on your bed, and decide which of them really fits the bill.

Your Lifestyle has Changed

Whether or not you’re consigned to your home, the fact is that the way you live will have changed, and thus your wardrobe will need to change with it. Certain items, like women’s skirts and comfortable jeans, are always going to be worthwhile. But you aren’t going to be going on quite so many big nights out, or visiting the theatre, or impressing people at house-parties. What you are going to be doing a lot of is lounging around the house. Your wardrobe should thus reflect this. Look at the stuff you’re going to be snug in while you’re answering emails, and think about pyjamas more than you do high-heels.

Your Gymwear might need changing

Has the way you exercise changed over the past few months? If so, then you’re not alone; despite evidence suggesting that gymgoing is safe, and the range of measures that gyms have put in place toward that end, many of us have found that we quite like our newfound outdoor running regimen. But you’ll need new activewear to make this a reality. The same applies if you’re doing yoga, Zumba or calisthenics at home.

Charities need your old stuff

It’s been a tough time for just about everyone, but the charitable sector has taken a battering, too. According to research by the Small International Development Charities Network, around 45% of small charities working overseas will have to shut up shop if they can’t get access to additional funding. By clearing out your old stuff and carting it down to your local charity shop, therefore, you’ll be helping to stem these losses – even if it’s just a little bit.


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