Thatchers Zero | An Alcohol Free Autumn Tipple

Thatchers Zero

As we enter October, everything begins to feel chilly and autumnal. The air is crisp and the harvest season begins. October is Cider and Perry Month when apples are traditionally harvested and the juice is pressed. So what better time to take a closer look at Thatchers Zero, the first alcohol-free* cider from Thatchers, the family run cidermaker based at Myrtle Farm in Somerset.

Disclaimer: AD | Article in collaboration with Thatchers.

Thatchers Zero

Thatchers Zero has all the appley aromas and crisp refreshment you’d expect from a Thatchers cider. With a beautifully bright, golden appearance, crisp, medium dry taste, and fruity aroma, this is a drink that looks like cider and tastes like cider. My husband doesn’t drink alcohol anymore, but when he did, he used to absolutely love a Thatchers cider.

Thatchers zero

The new Thatchers Zero means that he can now enjoy an alcohol free alternative that doesn’t make him feel like he’s missing out! We always keep some Thatchers Zero in the fridge and have taken it away on our recent staycation and also on our recent trip to these gorgeous sunflower fields. Perfect to enjoy as we wandered the millions of blooms before sitting down for a family picnic.

Thatchers zero

About Thatchers Zero

Crafted using a selection of Thatchers favourite bittersweet apple varieties from its Somerset orchards, the blend of traditional and modern apples creates an alcohol-free cider with body, smoothness and character.

Thatchers Zero was created to be full of taste from the start, a no-alcohol cider that meets the growing consumer expectation for moderation, but just as importantly offers great character and is something special and enjoyable to drink.


As an increasing number of people are looking to moderate their alcohol intake as part of a mindful lifestyle, consumers can now opt for Thatchers Zero and not feel they’re missing out on a really enjoyable pint.

In July 2020 Thatchers Zero was named Best No and Low Cider in the UK by industry magazine Imbibe. The Imbibe No and Low Taste Awards were launched to reflect the quality and range of low alcohol drinks, an area that has grown during lockdown and is predicted to continue to grow in the years to come. Thatchers Zero has also won a Gold medal in the 2020 Taste of the West awards.

thatchers zero

Thatchers is committed to sustainability and is greatly reducing the plastic in its packaging, minimising waste throughout the business, and is creating its own energy at Myrtle Farm. Like all other ciders in its range, Thatchers Zero is gluten free and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Find more details at: Thatchers Zero is available in high street retailers including Sainsbury’s, Asda and Co-Op, specialist retailers including Dry Drinker and Wise Bartender and from the Thatchers shop at Myrtle Farm. RRP £1.85.

About Thatchers – Thatchers is a family run cidermaker based in Sandford, Somerset, where all their ciders are crafted at Myrtle Farm. Thatchers has been making cider for four generations and pride in their heritage is at the heart of the business. Thatchers ciders are authentic, full of flavour and with a distinct character that reflects Somerset cidermaking at its best.

The Thatchers range of ciders includes Thatchers Gold, Thatchers Haze and Thatchers Rosé, but whichever you choose, you can be sure they have all been made with the same care, attention and hands-on experience.

*No more than 0.05% abv

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