Upcycling Our Old Bedroom Furniture With Rust Oleum Paint

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As the winter nights draw in, we’re all looking for those cosy home décor accents to make us feel warm and relaxed. So when Rust Oleum contacted us and asked if we’d like to get involved with a project upcycling some furniture, we had just the idea in mind! Using Rust Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint and taking an old bedroom chair and a pain pine wardrobe, we managed to create a gorgeous bedroom set that really captures the relaxed yet stylish look we envisioned. Here’s the process from start to finish!

As you can see from the before pictures (below) our chair and wardrobe were fine, but a little on the plain side.


The chair was old, paint had started to rub away and it definitely needed a fresh new look! As you can see below, it had been in storage for quite a while and had definitely seen better days.


The wardrobe was sturdy enough and made from pine. We picked up some ceramic knobs and thought that with a new coat of paint and these added on, it could look completely different! You can see the old ones below and we’ll show a snap of the finished look further down.


Working with the Rust Oleum Products was an absolute dream. The process is so simple that I’m confident absolutely anyone could tackle a project of this size. The thing that really make the paints so great is their ease of use. For those in a bit of a rush, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to upcycle your furniture in little to no time.


Due to the versatility of the Rust Oleum paint, you don’t need to sand or prep your furniture before painting. This is a huge bonus! Sanding is such a pain and can take absolutely ages. So we were super relieved to be able to skip this step. Simply make sure that the piece of furniture that you are going to paint is clean, dry and free from any debris and you’re good to go! The paints pictured are Clotted Cream, Powder Blue and Butterscotch as well as Finishing Lacquer.


The Rust Oleum paints come in various different colours and types. We chose the Rust Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint in ‘Clotted Cream’ as it would match just about any bedroom décor. The paint was easy to apply and only required one coat. The result was a lovely matte chalky finish. It successfully covered up any signs of the old paint on our rather worn and battered chair and left it looking fresh and stylish! We re-upholstered using a spare off-cut of material to finish the look.


The wardrobe came up beautifully with a fresh lick of paint in the same ‘clotted cream’ colour and we finished by using a coat of the Rust Oleum Furniture Finishing wax in ‘clear’ but you could just as easily leave it un-waxed or varnish as the finished look was also stunning without, as you can see below.


And here is the final look. The wardrobe and the chair both came up brilliantly and we loved the whole process.


Big thanks to Rust Oleum for providing us with the products to give this a go! It has been great to see our old products transformed in to something new and exciting.


If you want to find out more information on Rust Oleum paints then take a look here: www.rustoleumspraypaint.com/products to view the selection and let us know if you decide to have a go at upcycling your own furniture. Rust-Oleum has expanded its range of Chalky Finish colours and they are available exclusively at Homebase.

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