Stylish Kitchen Lighting Ideas For Summer

There’s nothing I would love more in my home than an amazing, open plan kitchen with cool lighting and loads of space to entertain. This week I’ve been looking at some of the best kitchen lighting ideas that would give your home the ultimate wow factor.

Current kitchen lighting trends

I talk a lot about interiors in our home decor column, so keeping up with the current trend is a real passion of mine. The summer trends for kitchen lighting right now are totally up my street when it comes to what I would want for my own kitchen.

kitchen lighting

Rose gold – one thing we are still seeing a lot of is rose gold in various areas of home decor. I have been scouring the pages of lighting websites such as who have an amazing selection of stylish lighting options right now. Pendant lights are a real trend right now, we’re seeing them in our favourite restaurants and recreating the look at home. The Lights website also has some beautiful floor lamps in similar modern, rose gold styles so it’s well worth a look!


Neon – another thing that is currently on trend is bright, in-your-face colour pops of ultra cool lighting and neon signs. If you look at things like this on Pinterest you’ll find so much information and inspiration for adding a neon accent to your kitchen lighting!

Botanical trends – One of my new favourite trends has to be the botanical style. Terrarium style lighting and bold, leafy green prints would work perfectly in kitchens and dining rooms and I am absolutely obsessed! You can easily add a botanical touch to your home with just a few simple prints and sweet accessories. This would be perfect for the summer months and is a great way to bring the outside, in.

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