Tips On Moving house during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Even though there is a pandemic, people are still moving house and hiring a moving company can be tricky because of the protocols that have been put in place.

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Safety is, of course, the main priority when you need to move house during a pandemic, and Move In Matter makes your safety their primary focus.

Social distancing is one of the most important things to consider, along with wearing a mask whenever you are around strangers and sanitising your hands every time you touch a new surface.


1. Call an experienced moving company.

In a fit of panic, you might be tempted to do all the moving yourself to remain safe during the pandemic. It might seem easier to handle all your items, and for smaller items, it might be ok, but for large furniture, a moving company is still required. Give them as much detail about your move as possible, like the number of items you have and the date at least 72 hours in advance. 24hr services are put on hold by the government because of the pandemic, so there are no last-minute bookings available. If there is anything that you can keep in storage until you can move it yourself, then do so. Make contact between the mover and yourself as little as possible by removing any unnecessary items for them to move.


2. Use a fogger on all your items before packing them.

Foggers are great for covering extensive areas, and using one on all your major household items 48 hrs before the movers come to collect your items will help keep your things safe for at least two days. Foggers have a 72hr lifespan; therefore, it’s ideal for giving more oversized furniture items a once over with some sanitising protection. Spray the furniture, cover them with plastic and seal it in with sellotape to keep all the sanitiser on the furniture. When the movers come to collect, they will be wearing gloves, so there will be no transfer of germs from items to their hands and vice versa.


3. Covering your boxes

Under normal circumstances, it is better to get a moving company to assist you with packing up all your items, but this is a better way to ensure that all your items are adequately cleaned. Wipe each item with a sanitised cloth before putting them in a box. Once the package is complete and ready to be closed, use cling wrap over your parcels so that they can remain contact-free. If someone happens to touch them, it will be easier to wipe each box while still at the entrance before unpacking all your items. Make sure everything is in n containers so that none of your things gets mistaken for rubbish and gets thrown out.

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